So Tough! So Cute! Club Info

So Tough! So Cute! is a club night, currently based in Malmö Sweden, playing records for boys and girls who pogo in their bedrooms, in front of the mirror, even when their mums are at home. The music policy is primarily Indie Pop, Northern Soul, Punk, Riot Grrrl and Girl-Groups with bits of Ska, Garage and Post-Punk thrown in for good measure.

The club originally started in Malmö, Sweden in June 2007 after the end of the You Can't Hide Your Love Forever club. In October 2009 the club moved to London, first at the Buffalo Bar in Highbury & Islington and then at The Drop and The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington. As of 2014 we're back in Malmö.

The club's name is taken from the Slits song 'So Tough' and 'So Cute' refers to the term 'cutie' used to describe the mock child-like imagery of the bands involved in the indie pop scene of the mid eighties-early nineties.

Photo album from previous nights

Guest DJ's have included:
Bob Stanley of Saint Etienne (UK)
Harvey Williams of Another Sunny Day (UK)
Gregory Webster of Razorcuts and Sportique (UK)
Clare Wadd of Sarah Records (UK)
Ian Watson of club How Does It Feel To Be Loved? (UK)
David Feck of Comet Gain (UK)
Jon Slade of Comet Gain and Huggy Bear (UK)
Peggy Wang of The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart (US)
Rhys 'Spider' Webb of Cave Clun and the Horrors (UK)
Matthew Rimell of club Big Pink Cake in Bristol (UK)
David aka Brogues (UK)
Ben of Fire Escape Talking (UK)
Terry Eriksson of Falling & Laughing and countless other clubs (SWE)
Sven-Eric Nilsson of KlubbIndiean (SWE)
Stefan and Caspar of Northern Portrait (DK)
The Mongonaut of Our Favourite (SWE)
Frederik and Bryan of The Maltese Ponces (SWE)
John of Chocolate Barry (SWE)
Josef Kubista and Sebastian Fonzeus of Night Beat (SWE)
Astro-Sofia of club You Are The Light (FIN)
Jörgen of Fraction Discs (SWE)
Labrador Records (SWE)
Kajsa Tretow of X-ing School. A Smile And A Ribbon, Budgies (SWE)
Anna Persson of Tandem Pop (SWE)
Katja Ekman of Testbild! (SWE)
Karin Ringqvist of Cosy Den, Velocity Girls (SWE)
Lisa of club Taramasalata (SWE)
Della (SWE)
Idha Holmlund (SWE)

Bands that have played:
Allo Darlin (UK)
Camera Obscura (UK)
Chocolate Barry (SWE)
Human Race (UK)
Jeffrey Lewis (SWE)
Jerry Tropicano (UK)
La La Vasquez (UK)
The Lucksmiths (AUS)
Moustache Of Insanity (UK)
Nils Folke Valdermar (SWE)
Sex Beet (UK)
Shrag (UK)
The Smittens (UK)
Sock Puppets (UK)
The Sticks (UK)
The Wave Pictures (UK)