29 Jul 2010

Guest Mixtape 04: I Ain't Saying I'm A Genius, But 2+2 Is On My Mind by The Mongonaut

Only a few hours away before the first Pop Punk Love is about to start and what shows up in the mailbox if not a spanking new mixtape by the magnificent Mongonaut! And what a mixtape it is! Buffy samples and JC himself!

We've known the Mongonaut since we first started buying our first punk 7-inches and we have - basically since then -  tried to get him to come play records for us. But no, he's always been busy with reminding the kids that politics is always pigshit and fighting in parks but most importantly digging through crates and writing about Pop Punk and Love (Well, l-u-v the Mongonaut Way, but still love) for the Swedish blog Our Favourite, which you should check out if you've enjoyed what we've been doing with this blog and mixtapes this last year.

But earlier this year something happened, behind a bearded smile the Mongonaut muttered a "well, alright then " and so we're very happy to say that he will finally join us behind the decks. So come on down to the club and in the meantime enjoy this ace mixtape!

I Ain't Saying I'm A Genius, But 2+2 Is On My Mind

1. Ulrike M rules the skool
2. God: My Pal
3. You're the ultimate degenerate
4. Ty Segall: 2+2
5. Taking polaroids of JC
6. Anteenagers MC: Mike Rep is all right
7. Vettig eller dreggig?
8. Outdoorsmen: Decapitated
9. That sounds like fun
10. The Field Mice: September's not that far away
11. Kasbian is a lot like the England team
12. Shadows of Knigh: Shake
13. Vivian Girls are sick of a lot of things
14. Home Blitz: Murder in my heart
15. Mick Jagger hates the police
16. The Gizmos: Kiss of the rat
17. Everyone's too stoopid!
18. Clinic: Monkey on your back
19. Fucks as a shark
20. Tronics: Shark fucks
21. Picking up girls made easy
22. Garbo's Daughter: Nice girls don't explode
23. The only bull in the field
24. Guinea Worms: Drunk in your uggs
25. Mr Mongonaut don't give a shit what you think
26. Feeling of Love: Waiting For The Cheerleaders To Get Drunk

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Pop Punk Love festivalAll days are free but donations will thankfully be accepted for the bands on Sunday

Day One

Friday 30 July, 21:30-01 at Tempo Bar & Kök
Top tunes selected by So Tough! So Cute! Skipping rope between everything from '77 Punk and Postcard records to DIY cassettes and Ska at our favourite hang out Tempo

Day Two

Saturday 31 July, 22-04 at Retro
So Tough! So Cute! Indiedisco with The Mongonaut (GBG)
Finally! We've been trying to get the Mongonaut to come play for us for the last few years. He's a hairy but tender man of excellent taste and a nose for the obscure so expect lots and lots of 60's Teen punk, Rock & Roll, The Fall, Girl Groups, Garage Punk Revival, Doo wop, DIY and the Fall and all your favourite indiepop records. The Mongonaut writes on the Swedish blog Our Favourite www.ourfavourite.se

Day Three
Sunday 1 Aug, 12-17 at På Besök *NEW TIME!*
Bands are on from about 13.00Live:
Allo Darlin' (UK)
The Smittens (US)
Moustache Of Insanity (UK)
Nils Folke Valdermar

Jumping Fences

We're absolutely delighted to put on one of the happiest and most party bands we've seen on a stage. Allo Darlin' is what you would say the Bees Knees and they put on an amazing show weather it's at the tiny Social or the London Popfest

The Smittens are superb American Twee Pop Band who wear their DIY-badge proudly on their sleeves. They have played their super catchy pop songs on every Popfest in the world and we're very excited to put them on here in Malmö.

Moustache Of Insanity
Super hyper indiepunk in the vein of Teen Anthems and My Darling YOU! filtered through a gang of teen school girls smoking and spitting after boys with bad haircuts on the schoolyard. 

Nils Folke Valdemar was the first artist we ever put on at You Can't Hide Your Love Forever under he's old moniker Let's Be Honey. His punky and folky popsongs sound like Patrik Fitzgerald taking it easy by drinking Folköl (Peoples beer)

22 Jul 2010

I've Got A Date (or How We Listed All Club Nights For The Summer In One Place)

Hi how are you? We have lots of club nights coming up but we'd like to start by informing our UK friends that So Tough! So Cute! will return to London on Friday 24th September! It's been a while but we're back at the magnificent Drop in Stoke Newington to make you dance and sing and have the bestest night out ever. Facebook event is here

But fear not we're gonna do a few more nights left in Malmö, Sweden. Everybody on board? Right, let's do this.

▲On Thursday 22 July we've got a Smiths and Morrissey special to celebrate 25 years since Meat Is Murder came out. Our guest-DJ will be A Maltese Ponce who played records last time we had a Smiths special so get ready for a workout on the dancefloor. This is at Deep, it's free before midnight and we open at 23.
Facebook event.

▲Pop Punk Love is a three day... dare we say Popfest? We've got a geeky night on Friday 30th July, a dancefloor madness night with supreme DJ the Mongonaut from Gothenburg on Saturday and on the 1st August we have a sunny Sunday with four bands playing. Full program looks like this and is free.

Day One Friday 30 July, 21:30-01 at Tempo Bar & Kök
...Top tunes selected by So Tough! So Cute! Skipping rope between everything from '77 Punk and Postcard records to Twee and Ska at our favourite hang out Tempo

Day Two Saturday 31 July, 22-04 at Retro
So Tough! So Cute! Indiedisco with The Mongonaut (GBG)
60's Teen punk, Rock & Roll, The Fall, Girl Groups, Garage Punk Revival, Doo wop, DIY and the Fall and all your favourite indiepop records. The Mongonaut guest from the blog Our Favourite www.ourfavourite.se

Day Three Sunday 1 Aug, 11-17 at På Besök
Allo Darlin' (UK)
The Smittens (US)
Moustache Of Insanity (UK)
Nils Folke Valdermar (SWE)

Jumping Fences

Facebook event.

▲On Thursday 5th August we're having a Manchester and Britpop special at Deep. Expect all the massive tunes and hits from your big brothers or sisters record collection. You know those with spaced out Pollock-esque covers and androgynous boys and girls with painted on flowery shirts
Facebook event.

▲Thursday 19th August at Deep we have a visitor from London. The lovely Ian Watson of How Does It Feel To Be Loved come to Malmö for the third time to bring his special blend of indiepop and sixties soul to the dancefloor. Things really don't get better when you have Ian behind the decks.
Facebook event

▲Saturday 21st August we're extremely happy to say that we have the mighty Pains Of Being Pure At Heart DJ-ing at Retro. That's right, So Tough! So Cute! brings you the official after party to their gig at the Malmö Festival. The Indiepop happening of the summer! We heard Peggy DJ at the Old Blue Last in London and it was so much fun so we're really looking forward to hear what the whole gangs picks
Facebook event

▲Just a week after, on Saturday 29th August we bring you a magic night of indiepop, girl-groups and fun fun fun at Retro. Singalong twee pop anthems wrestle with punk classics and heartbreak girl-groups!
Facebook event

▲The last night at Deep on Thursday 2nd September we feel that a mod-ish sixties pop and northern soul night might be in order. Or why not a Belle & Sebastian special? Truth be told, we haven't decided yet but we're open to your suggestions. A pure request night maybe? A Soulboy vs Belle & Sebastian night? Stuart once sang the he could dance like a soulboy.
Facebook event

▲The last So Tough! So Cute! in Sweden is on Thursday 9th September before we go back to London will be, as tradition goes, at Debaser. And as usual we have a exciting band we love on stage. This time it's the magnificent Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard. So so so happy about this. We saw Jeffrey at the Brixton Windmill and it was all we ha dreamed of.
Facebook event

▲And then as we mentioned at the beginning of this post we're back in London at the Drop in Stoke Newington on Friday 24th September to bring you the best in indiepop and sixties soul dancing mixed up with Swedish indie anthems, Ska and Punk singles from '77
Facebook event

19 Jul 2010

The Smiths & Morrissey Special on Thursday 22 July

Can you believe it's 25 years this year since Meat Is Murder came out  and kids with quiffs all over the world became vegetarians over night? Since we've been wanting to do another Smiths and Morrissey special since the amazing night at Retro last year we've decided to use this (the record not the veggie food) as an excuse.

We'll be playing the complete album during the night as well as loads of other Smiths and Morrissey songs and related indiepop, girl-groups and crooners. We even managed to dig up the songs from the "Morrissey's singles to be cremated with" list published in NME of 16 September 1989.

So Tough! So Cute!
The Smiths & Morrissey Special
Guest-DJ: A Maltese Ponces
23-03 at Deep in Malmö
♥ FREE before 12 ♥

And in Swedish...
Ja du läste rätt. Vi kör på Deep. Nyrenoverat och fint är det och vi kommer endast köra på det lilla golvet för att få en fin stämning.

We also want to say thanks once again to everyone who came last time when Retro was like a finish sauna minus the spanking. At least we missed out on the spanking. This is what our two lovely guests Anna and John of Chocolate Barry played:

Bogshed - Tried And Tested Public Speaker
The Five Du-Tones - Shake A Tail Feather
Prince Buster - Too Hot
The Ikettes - I'm Blue (The Gong-Gong Song)
The Beatles - I'll Follow The Sun
Professor Longhair - Big Chief
The Flaming Ember - Westbound # 9
Freda Payne - Band Of Gold
Tony Clarke - Landslide
The Wedding Present - The Thing I Like Best About Him Is His Girlfriend (Jet Age Remix)

The Beatles - Good Day Sunshine
Billy Bragg - A New England
Elton Mortello - Jet Boy Jet Girl
The Wedding Present - Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
My Bloody Valentine - Sunny Sundae Smile

Lorraine Silver - Lost Summer Love
Brigitte Bardot - Tu Veux, Tu Veux Pas
Prince Buster - Take It Easy
Crass - Do They Owe Us A Living
Turn out the moon - The Walker Brothers
Never my love - The Association
Guess I'm dumb - Glen Campbell
I've got something on my mind - The Left Banke
Darlin' - The Beach Boys

What'd I say part II - Jerry Lee Lewis
Pop song = food - The Dambuilders
Ghosts - The Ettes
Down in the tubestation at midnight - The Jam
Teenage kicks - The Undertones

Harmony in my head - The Buzzcocks
Twisterella - Ride
Silicon Carne - The Monochrome Set
Interesting drug - Morrissey
Streets of your towns - The Go-Betweens
Have love will travel - The Sonics

Thanks guys!

14 Jul 2010

Mixtape: I'm Not Myself Today

This heat just doesn't want to go away now does it? Luckily we've got some cold ones in the fridge, the upcoming Jaill - That's How We Burn LP and some nice melon and goat cheese sallad to keep us cool. And we've got a new mixtape just for you! This is should be the June mix if anybody's keeping count. The Kate Ferencz track is a particular favourite of ours and we hope that you didn't miss her set at the Parklife festival.

I'm Not Myself Today

1. Nobunny - Apple Tree
2. Anteenagers M.C. - Where Is Billy Idol
3. The Fresh & Onlys - I'm Not Myself Today
4. The Monochrome Set - Fat Fun
5. Las Robertas - History Is Done
6. Tiger Trap - My Broken Heart
7. Makthaverskan - Josef
8. Male Bonding - Year's Not Long
9. The Shining Twins - Stix + Stonez
10. Kate Ferencz - Sitting In A Tree Kissing
11. The Coathangers - Stop Stomp Stompin'
12. Bob Seger & The Last Heard - Chain Smokin'
13. The Records - Starry Eyes
14. Lenguas Largas - How A Man Should Live
15. Strawberry Whiplash - Boy In The Bubble Car
Alternative download

5 Jul 2010

So Tough! So Cute! at Retro in Malmö on Saturday 10th July

Sun, sun and even more sun that's what our weatherman tells us. All our days are spent sitting on a Pendelton blanke in the park, sipping some rosé from plastic glasses and nibbling on some Le Comté and other stuff with é in them. Like... sourdough bréad...

But this is all to get in shape for the So Tough! So Cute! party on Saturday when we're back at Retro where we'll be playing a lots of Indiepop, Soul and all that lovely Garage Pop and Punk coming out of the UK and US at the moment. Listen to our Spotify warm-up playlist or take a look at our mixtapes for new and exciting stuff we like at the moment.

So Tough! So Cute!
Saturday 10 July
Retro, Norra Skolgatan 24. Malmö
22-03, FREE
Facebook group
Facebook event

And speaking of nibbling, we're playing at the new bar and restaurant BELLE epoque by Möllan on the 7th as well so come down and have some great food and let us provide your soundtrack.

(Artwork based on a poster for Une Femme Est Une Femme. Great movie)