22 May 2013

Guest Mixtape 21: RND Indeed by Riots Not Diets

So Tough! So Cute! mixtape drawn by Toby Blackman
Let me tell you people! Riots Not Diets is a DIY music event in Brighton, UK who put on queer/tweepunk/riot grrrl bands and is probably our favourite club we haven't actually been to. We just keep buying their records, stalk them on Facebook and look at their fantastic line-ups and wish Brighton was a wee bit closer. But long distance longing isn't enough so we figured we'd ask Toby to make us a mixtape of songs danced to in the riot-bedroom. Wish we had a riot-bedroom, ours is just a regular one.

Riots Not Diets also put out records under the Tuff Enuff moniker. Their latest is an 18 band vinyl compilation called 'Carry On Rioting', check it and vol. 1 out on riotsnotdiets.bandcamp.com, its only a fiver. Magnificent sounds, some of which have become must-plays at our club. Then go ahead and like them on Facebook and go to the next RND Presents on Saturday, 15 June where Shopping, Daskinsey4 and Dog Legs are playing.

Here's the mixtape and thanks to Toby for putting it together for us. Now go riot.

RND Indeed
Chaps - We're So Skatebored
Animals and Men - Bad Lover
Mykki Blanco - Wavvy
Pony Up - What's Free Is Yours
Firebrand - The Way We Were
Kevin Blechdom - Are You Fucking With Me
Team Smartypants - Jimmy Carr
Chicks - Daria
Jan Terri - Losing You
Caves - The Mess I Made
Jonny 2 Shoes - Dirty Toucher
The Give It Ups - Why Won't You Go Out With Me?
Methodist Centre - Bum Odeon
Ray Rumours - Staying In
The Younger Lovers - Hey Jody
Roseanne Barrr - Thief's Journal
Dubstar - Just A Girl She Said
Chris & Cosey - Driving Blind
Woolf - Annie

Or here

3 May 2013

Too Cute To Puke - Untamed! Unshamed! Merciless! at Moriskan 3rd May

Too Cute To Puke returns tonight with an extra hour to party! That's right folks we dance until we drop at 4 in the morning! Our regular guest Ellen Magnusson is our guest-DJ this time - we figured that since she just kept making awesome requests she might as well join us and play them herself! Very much looking forward to her set. Ellen is also our 20th female guest-DJ in a row. And here we though it was hard to find female DJs...

We also have visuals by Humle Rosenkvist. Hopefully this will become a recurring thing with a different visual artist everytime.

Friday 3rd May
Moriska Paviljongen in Folkets Park, Malmö
22-04 | 20 yrs (email us for under-20 list)
Free before 22, 80kr 22-23 and then 100kr
Facebook event