8 Nov 2013

Guest Mix #25 by Alpaca Sports: She Told Me To Act My Age

Before you even ask; yes, that is indeed a painting of Alpaca Sports Andreas making his debut in AC Milan.

We don't even know how to follow up on that to be honest.

If memory serves us right we first became aware of Alpaca Sports just before their first single. Our friend Martin (Hi Martin!) told us he had this mate who had recorded a few very twee songs. We got to listen to them and they were really good and indeed very twee. But as we were deeply into the current garage punk scene at that time (we know right, what were we thinking?) and Alpaca Sports' soft and sensitive indiepop just didn't register with us. Then the singles came out and were were probably on a rocksteady binge (try it. It'll change your life). It wasn't really until we were playing records before and after an Alpaca Sports gig a couple of weeks ago we really got them. Instead of the quiet shyness we were expecting, they were this big happy bubble of joy exploding on stage and got everyone in the room including us dancing through most of their set. Super fun and one of our favourite gigs this year.

So naturally we had to ask Andreas for a mixtape of his favourite songs. Eleven first class indiepop songs to swirl around to in the kitchen with your gin & tonic in one hand and a cigarett under the kitchen fan. Hope you like it and get more over at the Alpaca Sports Bandcamp!

Alpaca Sports - She Told Me To Act My Age - A So Tough! So Cute! Mixtape
The Brilliant Corners – Brian Rix
I’ve seen two of their reunion gigs so far and I love how they, after all these years, still are able to perform the songs with so much heart and energy. This one made me burst into tears at Indietracks this summer.

The Cherry Orchard – That Summer Feeling
Cloudberry-Roque gave me the album “Start of our affair” as a gift this summer and I’ve been listening to it like a maniac ever since. It’s hard to pick just one song. I love coming home from work, lie down and listen to this from start to finish.

Fantastic Something – If She Doesn’t Smile (It’ll Rain)
I wonder how many hours (days, months?) total I’ve been listening to this one. One all time favorite.

Teenage Fanclub – Sweet Days Waiting
This song does things to me I can’t explain and is my favorite song to listen to when I’m traveling by train. It makes me feel alone, sad and weak, yet hopeful at the same time. “Sweet, sweet days are waiting there for you”.

The Smiths – Well I Wonder
Oh well. Enough said.

The Pastels – Night Time Made Us
‘Slow summits’ is one of my favorite albums released this year.

Aztec Camera – Walk Out To Winter
A little bird whispered something about Roddy Frame and a solo gig at Popfest Berlin. What happened to that? Hope to see him somewhere next year instead. ‘High land, hard rain’ will always be one of my favorite albums of all time. 

The Triffids – Wide Open Road
When you need the loneliest song on earth.

The Hit Parade – In the Hit Parade
No one writes them like this anymore. That’s a shame.

The Desert Wolves – Speak To Me Rochelle
I picked this one up from the ‘Scared to get happy’-compilation (wonderful release by the way). And later went on to Firestation Records and bought the ‘Pontification’ album. Great band, fantastic song!

Brighter – Inside Out
Every mixtape needs an anthem.

B'dum (Mirror)

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