27 Feb 2013

Mixtape: You're The Girl That Does Everything I Do

Here's our first proper mixtape since... oh bloody hell, July 2011. Ah well. Consider this the January mixtape and the February one should be up in a few days.

We've got 15 smashing tracks that we really like right now. Some old ones like the brilliant tracks by International Strike Force, Excuse 17, The Blue Minkies and Clag and some spanking new ones by Heavy Times, Fat Creeps, Heathers, La Luz and the Tuts. Salt Flat may be what we're looking forward the most this year. All we've heard by them so far has been real good. Very fun covers by Terry Malts and Grass Widow and the rest are pretty ace too. Hope you enjoy it. And if you do go and buy it.

You're The Girl That Does Everything I Do
International Strike Force - Golden Starlet
La Luz - Sure as Spring
Fat Creeps - Daydreaming
Heavy Times - I'm Single
The Scabs - Leave Me Alone
Grass Widow - Unbelievable (EMF cover)
Clag - Goldfish
Heathers - Teenage Clothes
Salt Flat - Outloud
Bam! Bam! - Golden Haze 2
Excuse 17 - Watchmaker
Terry Malts - Over 21 (Henry's Dress cover)
The Blue Minkies - Boyfriend In A Box
The Tuts - Tut Tut Tut
Humousexual - No Borders

B'dum (mirror)

Making out to the Eurovision Song Contest

We - well me, Daniel - drew a comic for this public art thing in Malmö Sweden with text by Lisa Söderström. You can see more over at my personal portfolio www.danielnovakovic.com

17 Feb 2013

Photos and Playlist from Too Cute To Puke with Hanna & Hedvig

Ah young lovers. So pretty. So many. And so much mad love for dancing to great tunes. Our two guest-DJs Hanna and Hedvig were dressed for some serious business and had the dancefloor going from the first song and played a set that we really enjoyed. Tons and tons of soul tunes! And Shivvers! Always a good thing! You can see what they played after these photos as well as our own highlights.  More photos on the Facebook page

15 Feb 2013

Too Cute To Puke - Valentines Girl Style Now 15th February

Valentines, blah blah blah, drinks, tons of female soul queens, Swingin' Mademo... Madma... uhm, French ladies, Riot Grrrls, Indie birds and Punkettes! Guest-DJs are Hedvig Lönnerholm and Hanna Axelsson who regularly do soul nights at Blekingska Nation! It's going to be Valen-tastic!

Too Cute To Puke
Friday 15th February
Moriska Paviljongen in Folkets Park, Malmö
23-03 | 20 yrs (email us for under-20 list)
Free before 22, 80kr 22-23 and then 100kr
Facebook event

7 Feb 2013

The Brat Year - A Recap of 2012

Hello, hope you all enjoyed our best of 2012 mixtape. It felt like a good year when we finally summarised all the new releases in a mixtape.

Anyway, we feel we should summarise the year in clubs nights and parties as well. Because that's the fun bit. Getting to play all those great records to shiny happy kids at the club!

This is what we felt we managed to accomplish this year in terms of clubbing:

- We put on a total of 32 of nights. 14 So Tough! So Cute! and 18 Too Cute To Puke nights in the UK and in Sweden. 4 more than last year despite losing two of our regular venues. Too Cute To Puke was also launched in London which was amazing. Photos from all nights are here.

- There was more discussion about gender equality on stage and behind decks and our friend Jennifer and us did a 'Girls at their best?: Gender and performers at Indietracks 2012' post which was… interesting, lets leave it at that. It's been great to see more all-girl clubs pop up and to see that more thought has been given to this issue though.

We're happy to say that out of 23 nights with guest-DJs 17 had female DJs. It hasn't been that easy finding female punk/indie/soul DJs but everyone we invited was ace despite some playing for the first time ever.

- The mixtapes sadly took a backseat but we managed to feature 4 amazing guest mixtapes by Stephanie Goodman of Shrag / Blue Minkies, KEEL HER, The Spook School and Sofia and Kristina of Like A Girl I Want You To Keep Coming.

- A disappointment was that of the 23 guest-DJs we had 1 returned the favour by inviting us to play with them. This 1 person however invited us a couple of times over the year. So yeah…

There were so many moments that made last year amazing year and it is a hard task to list them all but there are a couple of special ones we have to mention that really stuck to our memory:

We had The Smiths vs Broder Daniel special which was oh so fun. We had Mika Miko - Capricorinations become an anthem at the club. We had a Rough Trade Top 100 indie records and Slumberland Records specials which were very cool to do. As usual there was a hefty amount of emails to ask us to take down photos of people making out with somebody they shouldn't have. Seriously folks.

We had the 5th anniversary for So Tough! So Cute! which was fun and filled with emotion. And the 2nd year anniversary for Too Cute To Puke. Lucy Watusi was amazing whether she played with us in London or in Sweden. Bloody hell what a great taste in music she has. Two dream bookings came through and Comet Gains David Feck and Jon Slade each played stunning sets. Ylwa Skywalker doing several great sets despite fire alarms going off and power outages.

Every single Too Cute To Puke was so so so good. Just incredibly fun to do and to see being so appreciated. We also got to play at the big city festival Malmöfestivalen which was huge. What else, what else… Throwing out an idiot in London and playing Lily Allens  - Fuck You after. We got to play New Years at How Does It Feel To be Loved and also sweet sets in Göteborg. We got to see the Fall! Oh Mark E Smith <3. And grrrl mosh pits!

A couple of thank yous: Ylwa, Kristina & Sofia, Josef & Sebastian, Northern Portrait, Miriam Pemberton, Jon Slade, Elisabeth Östin, Kajsa Tretow, Matthew Rimell, Sven-Eric Nilsson, Lisa & Emmy, David Feck, Asta & Anna, Anna Brynolf, Ida, Linnéa & Karolina and Lucy Antsey for doing great sets. All the door persons in UK and Gracie for helping us find all these people. Sandra for a bed in the UK and everybody else we might have forgotten. Here's a drink to you all and we'll see you in 2013.

What? It's February already you say?

Oh shut up.

4 Feb 2013

So Tough! So Cute! Favourites From 2012

Hello, here is our list of our favourite records and releases from 2012. A bit late yes. We bought 163 records in total – mostly vinyl and cassettes but a few cds and digital releases. About a 100 less than last year. According to last.fm we listened to a little over 34000 tracks during the past year. Which is a bit less than last year as well. We blame work and life in general.

Rules are the same as last year – if we got hold of it in 2012, then it counts as released in 2012. Except for Shoppers who was released late 2011 but became a big part of 2012 for us.

And yeah, definitely more tough than cute this year.

Favourite releases (meaning the whole LP/EP/CS/7" is fantastic and we could have picked almost any track from it)

Swearin' – Here to Hear – Swearin' LP (Salinas)
Martha – 1978, Smiling Politely – Martha CS (Win Htein Records, Odd Box Records)
Terry Malts – Tumble Down – Killing Time LP (Slumberland)
Potty Mouth – Girls XL – Sun Damage LP (Puzzle Pieces Records, Ride The Snake, Feeble Minds Records)

Saint Etienne – Over the Border – Words and Music By Saint Etienne LP (Heavenly)
Slowcoaches – Drag – We're So Heavy CS (Tye Die Tapes)
Allo Darlin' – Capricornia – Europe LP (Fortuna Pop!)
White Lung – Bag – Sorry LP (Deranged)

Shoppers – VI – Silver Year LP (Drugged Conscience, Feeble Minds Records)
Grass Widow – Disappearing Industries – Internal Logic LP (HLR)
Fat Creeps – Leave Her Alone – Fat Creeps EP (self-released)

Favourite songs (bits and bobs from awesome records)

Chain And The Gang – Certain Kinds of Trash – In Cool Blood LP (K)
Priests – Diet Coke – Tape 1 CS (Puzzle Pieces Records)
Home Blitz – Rolling With the Moody Girls – Frozen Track 12" (Mexican Summer)
Scraps – 1982 – Secret Paradise 7" (Critical Heights)

Evans the Death – Telling Lies – Telling Lies 7" (Slumberland, Fortuna Pop!)
Keel Her – Riot Grrrl – Riot Grrrl 7" (Critical Heights)
Deep Time – Clouds – Deep Time LP (Hardly Art)
Ex-Girlfriends – Sexhausted – DL (self-released)

Las Robertas – Seconds Away – Dissected Affair 7" (Art Fag)
The Garlands – Chandeliers – The Garlands LP (Shelflife)
Bits of Shit – Ownership – Cut Sleeves LP (Homeless)
Constant Mongrel – In the Night – Everything Goes Wrong LP (R.I.P Society, 80/81 Records)

Daylight Robbery – Rearview Mirror – Ecstatic Vision LP (Residue)
Radar Eyes – I Am – Radar Eyes LP (HoZac)
Veronica Falls – My Heart Beats – My Heart Beats 7" (Slumberland)
Scott & Charlene's Wedding – Gammy Leg – Split LP (Bedroom Suck Records)

Richard Papiercuts – Virdiana – A Sudden Shift LP (Pena)
Woollen Kits – University Narcolepsy – Woollen Kits 12'' (R.I.P Society)
Colleen Green – Good Good Things – Milo Goes To Compton LP (Art Fag)
The Splits – Don't Fear – The Splits LP (P. Trash Records)

Plateaus – Do It For You – Do It For You (HoZac)
Las Kellies – Erase You – Erase You 7" (Fire Records)
Pop Singles – All Gone – All Gone LP (Vacant Valley)
La Sera – Break My Heart – Sees the Light LP (Hardly Art)

Violens – Totally True – Totally True 7" (Slumberland)
Waxahatchee – Be Good – American Weekend LP (Don Giovanni Records)
Zebra Hunt – Only Way Out – Zebra Hunt DL (self-released)
Nixon – This Town – This Town 7" (Cloudberry)

Stag – Pop Song – Get Used To It (Disembraining Machine)
The Magnetic Fields – Your Girlfriend's Face – Love at the Bottom of the Sea LP (Mrge)
Pheromoans – Grab A Chair – Does This Guy Stack Up? LP (Upset The Rhythm)
Sweater Girls – I'm A Little Dinosaur (Jonathan Richman cover) – The Pop! For Kids Project DL (self-released)

Ausmuteants – Carbon Monoxide – Split Personalities CS (Anti Fade)
Sea Lions – Treacy –  DL (self-released)
Bleached – Next Stop – DL (Dead Oceans)
Exlovers – You're so Quiet – Moth LP (Young And Lost Club)

Dinosaur Jr. – Don't Pretend You Didn't Know – I Bet On Sky LP (Jagjaguwar)
Golden Grrrls – I Don't Want You Anyway (Look Blue Go Purple cover) – Split (Static Shock Records, Night School)
Covergirl – Ice Father Nation – Why Diet When You Could Riot LP (Tuff Enuff)
Icona Pop – I Love It – I Love It  DL (Univrsal)

Hunx – Always Forever – Hairdresser Blues LP (Hardly Art)
Sea Pinks – Lake Superior – Freak Waves LP (Cass/Flick)
Cosines – The Answer – Cosines Demo DL (self-released)
Grimes – Oblivion – Visions LP (4AD)

Shopping – Consumer Complaints – Demo DL (self-released)
Honeysuck – Snake Pit – Honeysuck 7" (Queen Of Swords)
Chastity Belt – Ponytail – Dude DL (self-released)
English Singles – The Finer Points – Backstreet Pages 7'' (Slumberland)

Boomgates – Flood Plains – Double Natural LP (Bedroom Suck Records)
Tender Trap – Train From King's Cross Station – Ten Songs About Girls LP (Fortuna Pop!)

Compilations & Re-issues

va – Why Diet When You Could Riot (Tuff Enuff)
va – Country Soul Sisters: Women In Country Music 1952-78 (Soul Jazz records)
Josef K – Sorry For Laughing / The TV Art Demos (LTM)

Favourite music apps on Android
Discogs Scan
Vinyl Scrobbler

Most listened to tracks according to last.fm during 2012
Dorotea – We've Had Enough, Pt 2
Deicide – Sacrificial Suicide
Orange Juice – Satellite City
Northern Picture Library – Catholic Easter Colours
Terry Malts – Something About You
Tropical Popsicle – The Tethers
Saint Etienne – Over the Border
Petty Crime – Mathematics
Petty Crime – Closed Eyes
Slowcoaches – Drag
Petty Crime – Forfeit Intent
Household – Go Away
Dear Marje – Soft And Sweet
Modernettes – Barbra
Terry Malts – Tumble Down
Frankie Rose  – Know Me
Radar Eyes – I Am
The Tights – Bad Hearts
Pheromoans – Darby Joan & Fosters
Las Kellies – Erase You

What you are looking for but, for fuck sake, support the artists and buy the releases too
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Mix - Part 2
Mix - Part 1
Mix - Part 2

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