Too Cute To Puke Club Info

Too Cute To Puke is our night where we bring the girls to the front and play only female fronted tunes. Anything goes; sixties girl-groups, yé-yé, punk, indie pop, soul, new wave, post-punk, riot grrl, indie pop, ska, diy - as long as it's sung by a girl we're putting it on. Too Cute To Puke also only books female DJs to encourage more girls to bring out their record collection and take their place in the male-dominated world of DJing and club promoting.

Inspired by the UK clubs Girls Girls Girls, Da Doo Ron Ron and Cherrybomb as well as all crate digging, well written and curious blogs focusing on girl fronted music, we hope to bring attention to some of our favourite female fronted bands.

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Party photos from our nights
Playlists and flyers from previous nights

Swedish Facebook group for parties in Malmö
UK Facebook group for parties in London
Twitter @toocutetopuke

Spotify playlists:
Too Cute To Puke - Femme Fronted Music Only
Over 6 hours of female fronted songs ranging from Northern Soul, Yé-Yé and Girl-Groups to Indie, Punk, Riot Girl and Post-Punk. 

Too Cute To Puke - Previously On Too Cute To Puke...
A playlist with female fronted songs played by us and our guest-DJs from previous nights. It's like being there!

Guest DJs have included:
Ladyfest Malmö Crew - Emma & Emilia (SWE)
Do The Math (SWE)
Kajsa Tretow (SWE/UK)
Ylwa 'Skywalker' Wirling  (SWE)
Pierre Sparf (SWE)
Kristina Holmkvist & Sofia Fredlund of Like A Girl, I Want You To Keep Coming (SWE)
Miriam Pemberton (SWE)
Elisabeth Östin (SWE)
Lisa Söderström & Emmy Kafle (SWE)
Asta Bjerre of the Felines & Anna Sofie Hansen of Orphans (DK)
Ida Axelsson, Linnéa Levin & Karolina Kitanoska of Look Heart, No Hands! (SWE)
Lucy 'Watusi' Anstey (UK)
Rebecka 'Tyrannosaurus Bex' (SWE/DE)
Ellen Magnusson (SWE)
Stephanie Goodman of Born Bad, Shrag & The Blue Minkies (UK)
I Vaginan Radio AF - Maja & Emma (SWE)
Hanna & Hedvig (SWE)
Christin Persson of Musikguiden and Fredagsmixen P3 (SWE)
Alice Samoilova of E.G.L.O., The Clitts (SWE)
Ester Sökjer-Petersen (SWE)
Nellie Olsson & Thao Vo (SWE)