29 Apr 2013

Too Cute To Puke - Rebel Girl Gang Video

Here it is! Our little promotion video for our Too Cute To Puke club night!
Beautifully shot and edited by Jessica Blohmé and featuring Emma Karlsmark Elfstrand, Anna Sofie Hansen, Sally Wahlstedt and Hedda Wenster.

22 Apr 2013

Look Heart, No Hands! ♥ Too Cute To Puke

We're thrilled to be playing Look Heart, No Hands! this Saturday. Look Heart, No Hands! is run by three fab ladies who from nowhere got in touch about two years ago and wanted to learn how to DJ. We had a short introduction "play a good song, then play another and get the girls in the room to dance" and off they went and started their own club! So cool. Wish this happened more often actually.

Anyway this is their last night which can only mean that they're off to bigger things. We'll be doing an all girl-set so expect anything from the spanking new Camera Obscura track, which is amazing, to the Supremes via Bikini Kill.

Look Heart, No Hands! <3 Too Cute To Puke
Saturday 27th April
Smålands Nation, Malmö
22-02 | 18 yrs
See the Facebook event for info on student prices and cheap lists

12 Apr 2013

Too Cute To Puke - Behind The Scenes

Today we shoot some footage for an upcoming short video. Four fantastic Too Cute To Puke grrrl-gang members by the name of Anna, Emma, Hedda and Sally; and Jessica who filmed the whole thing.   I think we managed to capture the Too Cute To Puke vibe pretty well! 

8 Apr 2013

Mixtape: I'm Gonna Rough My Girlfriend's Boyfriend Up Tonight

"I'm better off now you're gone, now I know you weren't the one" - ah the Parallelograms, if you only knew how right you are.

We've got another mixtape for you to listen to while you get wasted, paint your fingernails, watch your sister cry or whatever else the Porcharitas sing about in that first track. New fave tracks tracks by Colleen Green and Yo La Tengo - their new albums are both so good. That Yo La Tengo is so gentle. Pups is Rose Melbergs new thing which is great, as you would expect, and so is the new Poppets song - really looking forward to this boyfriend-girlfriend duos new LP!

Coffin Pricks, Teenage Burritos, Sauna and Good Throb are great things from last year we just recently caught up with. Teenage Burritos is a current crush and a 7" will be out on Volar in a month or so. Very much looking forward to that. Good Throb is so so angry. That whole 7" is a must buy. Kizza Ping is a Swedish band from 1981 and Dybbuk is a Czech band from 1991. Both all female and both sooo good. Ste McCabe's 'Queer Clubbing' was on the 'Riot Not Diet' compilation last year. Really good and volume 2 called 'Carry On Rioting' just came out so make sure to go buy that.

Then we have a little sweet track by the Chefs we rediscovered while listening to their 'Records And Tea' compilation. Also, smashing post-punk track by Staring Problem. Last but not least we have Guns For Hire - basically a spoof band who tricked Terry Hall of the Specials to fund their demo and everybody else that they were the next big thing. Apparently Elvis Costello sang its praises. It's a great little anthem for those days you want to bash somebody's head in. Like when your disgusting ex texts you at four in the morning.

I'm Gonna Rough My Girlfriend's Boyfriend Up Tonight
The Porcharitas - Get Wasted
Coffin Pricks - Group Home Haircut
The Parallelograms - Without You
Teenage Burritos - Danya
The Chefs - You Get Everywhere
Staring Problem - Faced
Kizza Ping - Männen
Yo La Tengo - Well You Better
Dybbuk - Paní 1
Guns For Hire - I'm Gonna Rough My Girlfriend's Boyfriend Up Tonight
Good Throb - Bag
Poppets - Steal it Like a Thief
Colleen Green - Only One
Ste McCabe - Queer Clubbing
Pups - Pei
Sauna - I Was A Teenage Girl

B'dum (mirror)

7 Apr 2013

Photos and Playlist from So Tough! So Cute! with Sven-Eric

Well that was definitely a night to remember! Ace tunes by a slightly under the weather Sven-Eric. He really put us to shame with his set this time. Check out what he played after these pics! And all on lovely vinyl!

We had two kinds of biscotti, baked by bakerette Hedda and we had tons and tons of sparkly confetti which still, two days after, manages to turn up in places we didn't know confetti could get to... Truly a special night!

Tons of happy people over in our photo album

1 Apr 2013

So Tough! So Cute! with Sven-Eric (KlubbIndiean/This Is Not A Love Song) on 4th April

It's So Tough! So Cute! this Friday! And we've got our friend Sven-Eric coming down from Göteborg to play records with us! He's previously played at our night in London - one of the best ones - and at the smashing 5 year anniversary party at Debaser so Friday is looking mighty fine indeed!

We will not only be serving ace tunes, we also have biscotti courtesy of our bakerette Hedda Wenster. Saffron ones for the tough, raspberry and almond ones for the cute!

So Tough! So Cute!
Friday 5th April
Moriska Paviljongen in Folkets Park, Malmö
22-03 | 20 yrs (email us for under-20 list)
Free before 22, 80kr 22-23 and then 100kr
Facebook event