Spotify Playlists

Here are a couple of Spotify playlists we've compiled over the years. Some are short pre-party mixes while others are several hours long showcasing what we usually play on our nights. A lot of the more obscure tracks we tend to play are still not available but we hope this will give you a taste of what to expect.

(For our own and our guest-compilers downloadable mixtapes go here)

So Tough! So Cute!
The main playlist with almost 500 tracks of Indiepop, Soul, Punk and Girl-groups. We add old and new favourites all the time.

So Tough! So Cute! in London UK
Our pre-party playlist for the London night.

Too Cute To Puke - Femme Fronted Music Only
Over 6 hours of female fronted songs ranging from Northern Soul, Yé-Yé and Girl-Groups to Indie, Punk, Riot Girl and Post-Punk. 

Too Cute To Puke - Previously On Too Cute To Puke...
A playlist with female fronted songs played by us and our guest-DJs at previous nights. It's like being there! For 11 hours. Sorry.

B'dum B'dum - A So Tough! So Cute Punk Special
Massive list of our favourite punk tunes primarily taken from the early years of UK punk

The Charge Of The Cutie Brigade
Over 7 hours of Indiepop, Jangle, Twee and C86. The roots of So Tough! So Cute! if you will.

100 Bästa Indiepopsinglarna (Någonsin)
Legendary list of the 100 best indie singles ever as listed in the last issue of the Swedish magazine POP in 1999. Truly inspirational in the early days of our club night. Read more about it here.

Top 100 Indie Singles Listed By Rough Trade
Rough Trades favourite singles as listed in the Swedish magazine POP in 1999 which you can read about here. Loads of great stuff from primarily the birth of punk and forward.

Hipsters, Scenesters, Teenstars and Fakers - A Slumberland Special at So Tough! So Cute!
Our favourite songs from the mighty vaults of Slumberland records.

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