27 Oct 2010

Video from Splash One Happening + Mixtape

This is just too cool! Video footage from club Splash One Happening, partly run by Bobby Gillespie between 1985 and 1986 in Glasgow, has turned up on youtube with a very young stripey shirted Bobby G dancing about with Duglas of BMX Bandits,  NME writer and Razorcuts drummer David Swift and also Stephen Pastel according to Andy Hart. Simply amazing to be able to see this! The clothes, the haircuts and how fun everybody seems to have dancing about to fantastic music - which we can't help but think would empty dancefloors today. Here's the video:

While googling for more info we found a very cool tracklist for one of the tapes played on the night when Sonic Youth played. Apparently there was no vinyl flippin' DJs but rather pre-recorded mixtapes compiled by the Splash One members. The tracklist is from now defunct Splash One Happening blog and in need of something to brighten up this rainy wednesday we've compiled all the tracks in a handy downloadable zip-file. Enjoy!

Splash One Happening - Soundtrack Tape For Sonic Youth 18th May 1985

Psychic TV - Godstar
Shop Assistants - Safety Net
Echo And The Bunnymen - Pictures On My Wall
Nikki Sudden & Dave Kusworth - Shame For The Angels
Ramones - Glad To See You Go
Birthday Party - Dead Joe
Love - My Little Red Book
Lime Spiders - Slave Girl
Velvet Underground - What Goes On
The Doors - Break On Through To The Other Side
13th Floor Elevators - Splash 1 (Now I'm Home)
Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog
Buzzcocks - Sixteen Again
Jesus And Mary Chain - Upside Down

Love - Seven & Seven Is
Wire - Practice Makes Perfect
Seeds, The - No Escape
Dr. Mix And The Remix - Out Of The Question
Blondie - Sunday Girl
Public Image Ltd - Public Image
Saints - This Perfect Day
Wedding Present - Once More
Swell Maps - Dresden Style
Hüsker Dü - Pink Turns To Blue
Subway Sect - Ambition
Julian Cope - Sunspots
Soft Cell - The Art Of Falling Apart
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Some Velvet Morning
(One more Julian Cope track was listed but with no title)


13 Oct 2010

Guest Mixtape 06: The Bean Scene by David Feck of Comet Gain

Art by David Feck
Voila! Here it is! The mixtape by David Feck of Comet Gain! Twentyone tracks selected by one of our favourite songwriters and namedroppers. Comet Gain have always referenced other songs and bands and with us being suckers for pop cultural references we've always enjoyed the musical history filtered through Comet Gain shambling pop. Weather it's playing live with songs transforming into Teardrop Explodes - Sleeping Gas, sneaking in lyrics from the Byrds - Chestnut Mare like when they played the Buffalo Bar in London or just the pure meta joy that is the song Record Collection it always sent us running for the original. We love being able to take a part of the music that inspire bands we like so this is treat for us. Thank you so much David.

Comet Gain are currently recording a new album which will hopefully be out early next year but you can still pick up The Weekend Dreams split and the I Never Happened single (aw crap, it's sold out) and the Cinema Red And Blue LP which is joint effort by Comet Gain and Crystal Stilts with help by Gary Olson of The Ladybug Transistor, Hamish Kilgour from The Clean and Amy Linton of Henry’s Dress and The Aislers Set .

The Bean Scene
1. The Collectors - Make It Easy
Groovy Canadian garage punk I 1st heard drunk on the floor of a High...(?) flat
2. Laura Nyro - When I Die
All girls hate Laura Nyro
3. Rationals - Listen To Me
Detroits Kinks/Action dancers
4. Soft Boys - Empty Girl
Jagged psych pop genius - one of the best
5. Daughters Of Albion - Hey, You, Wait, Stay
A great lost pop 6TS LP that looks like hippy drivel but is Beach Boys style genius
6. Verlaines - Burlesque
Flying Nun label mystery monks. I dig Chills most but Verlaines are great odd pop
7. Clarence Carter - Can't Leave Your Love Alone
Blind soul dude
8. American Music Club - Heaven In Your Hands
The beautiful sad genius of Mark Eitzel - this song has beautiful words
9. Blue orchids - Work
Ex-Fall members drone groove prole mong
10. Mekons - Ghosts Of American Austronauts
Nice proper pop
11. Belfast Gypsies - Secret Police
Kim Fowley is nuts + mean + tall + full of spite + makes the best dumb 45s
12. Julian Cope - Easter Everywhere
The psych pop warlock sings the delights of elevators 2nd LP from his cheezy period
13. Manfred Mann - It's So Easy Falling
60's English bear pop frenzy. Yowza!
14. Bobby Womack - How I Miss You Baby
Smooth southern soul ballads with gritty guitars - these send me ga-ga
15. Rain Parade - Blue
One of the great 80s psych bands in yearning burn
16. Stone Poneys - One For One
17. The Fall - Fit & Working Again
18. Lilac Time - Finistere
19. Sonic's Rendezvous Band - Electronic Tonic
20. Ted Leo And The Pharmacists - Biomusicology
21. 13th Floor Elevators - Dust
It's been 25 years of reverberating to the great elevators sound. I still ain't ascended yet

(The notes were from Davids handwritten tracklist so apologies if we've misread some words)

Alternative download

6 Oct 2010

Mixtapes: It's Not Fair What You Do To Me + Talkin' 'Bout The New Dance Craze

Ah crap. We're sorry. We promised you the awesome mixtape David Feck of Comet Gain kindly made us but it is currently stuck in a box being UPS'd from London to Malmö. As soon as we get it we'll put it up here.

In the meantime we have not one but two mixtapes of our own for you. Lots of awesome songs that we've spun repeatedly on our recordplayer and our current crush Skinned Teen actually appears twice. Love this band to death. Also two other strong female fronted bands that may very well end up on our year list. The Super Wild Horses and The Splinters album are both delightful. Actually several of the featured bands are strong contenders for that list. It's been a great year and we look forward hearing what these last few months will bring us. A special thanks to our favourite Mongonaut for pointing us in the direction of some of these tracks while we were stuck in the black hole that is Virgin Medias excuse for broadband. As always, please support the artist by going to shows and buy their records and cassettes. Their myspace pages usually contain info on distros. Hope you enjoy these two mixtapes.

It's Not Fair What You Do To Me
1. For Ex-Lovers Only - Scraps
2. Micragirls, The - Whatta Way To Die
3. Crystal Stilts - Shake The Shackles
4. Animals & Men - Mad Bad But Good To Know
5. Wild Thing - Age Difference
6. Poppets - Dance Party
7. Crass - Shaved Women
8. The Lonely Boys - Ugly Girl
9. Cap Pas Cap - No Fun
10. Nobunny - (Do The) Fuck Yourself
11. Peepholes - Lair
12. Huggy Bear - Her Jazz
13. Mike Pedicin - Burnt Toast And Black Coffee
14. Skinned Teen - Ex-Boyfriend Beat
15. The Vaselines - Ruined
16. Swimsuit - Sunlight
17. Royal Headache - Eloise
18. The Limiñanas - Funeral Baby
19. Wipers - Tragedy (Another Take)

Alternative download

Talkin' 'Bout The Dance Craze
1. Skinned Teen - Dance All Night
2. Period Pains - Ex-Boyfriend
3. Reading Rainbow - Wasting Time
4. The Splinters - Mysterious
5. The Wicked Awesomes - Time Shit And Crystal Snot
6. Voice Of The Puppets - You're All I Wanted (And A Car)
7. Super Wild Horses - On The Corner
8. Nerve City - Sleepwalker
9. The Breakaways - Walking Out On Love
10. Occult Chemistry - Water
11. Puddin Pops - Totally
13. Thurston, Kim & Epic - Black Candy
14. Liz Anderson - Never, Ever
15. No Age - Glitter
16. Vibrarians - Redlight
17. Wet & Reckless - New Guy
18. The History Of Apple Pie - Mallory
19. Seapony - Go Away

Alternative download