24 Apr 2010

Book release: Jag Tror Jag Är Kär by Daniel Novakovic

Photo by Sandra Hansson
JAG TROR JAG ÄR KÄR släpps idag i onlinebutiker och på Small Press Expo på Kulturhuset i Stockholm. Daniel Novakovic kommer finnas vid Optimal Press monter på SPX större delen av lördagen ifall någon skulle vilja köpa ett exemplar på plats.
Känslor så stora att man knappt vet var man ska bli av. Pop. Sjutumssinglar. Sarah Records. The Ronettes. Pojkrumsdrömmar. Tonårsdrömmar? Så oerhört svåra att överträffa. Allt är egentligen väldigt enkelt. En knapp som visar att hon är nere med The Pastels. Pow! En blå och vitrandig tröja. Svarta Converse eller Mary-Janes. En blick under lugg eller över kanten på ett par svarta Wayfarers. Ett oskyldigt leende. Pop! Du kan inte gömma din kärlek för alltid. Lätta, trippande danssteg till So Tough eller The Kids At The Club. Du känner dig som 17 år igen. Och ditt hjärta slår ett par extra slag. Precis som första gången du hörde Ain't Gonna Eat My Heart eller Orange Juice. Åh, allra vackraste Orange Juice. Du tror fortfarande på magi. Och att göra blandband. Med poplåtar som hennes nya pojkvän aldrig har hört talas om. Med omslag gjorda av bokstäver utklippta ur dagens tidning. Och ni har tv:n på medan ni ligger i sängen. Och du inte bara tror att du är kär. Du vet.

Jag Tror Jag Är Kär av Daniel Novakovic
232 sid färg, inbunden
isbn 978-91-85951-14-7

Ute i svenska bokhandlar i april. Finns att köpa via:


The graphic novel Jag Tror Jag Är Kär (I Guess I'm Falling In Love) is available in 232 page full color hardcover in May directly from us as shipping from Sweden is too expensive for most. There will be a tiny booklet with an English translation available. Paypal only.

22 Apr 2010

Mixtape: Somewhere New

Somewhere new indeed! We just got a new So Tough! So Cute! club night booked on thursday May 27th! Our new venue will be the Drop, downstairs of the Three Crowns pub right on Stoke Newington High Street. Set your calenders or join the Facebook group and we'll be back after the weekend with all the details. Right now we're off to the airport to fly to the Stockholm Small Press Expo and sign our book which should be out in shops now and to play at the lovely Falling & Laughing club at Debaser Medis on Saturday. This is what we filled up our music listening device with. As always, if you like a track go buy it.

Somewhere New
1. Jacuzzi Boys - Bricks Or Coconuts
2. Apache - Crystal Clear
3. The Fall - Bound
4. Clorox Girls - Le Banana Split
5. The Yolks - Somewhere New
6. Harlem - Caroline
7. Maggots - (Let's Get, Let's Get) Tammy Wynette
8. Avocado Baby - Caffeine Sleaze
9. The Laughing Apple - Chips For Tea
10. The Liminanas - I'm Dead
11. So Cow - Casablanca
12. Hanoi Janes - Back For The Summer
13. Brilliant Colors - Kissing's Easy
14. Rough Bunnies - Dance With Your Shadow
15. Sneaky Pinks - I Can't Wait
16. Home Blitz - Murder In My Heart
17. Girlfriends - The Day I Was A Horse

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16 Apr 2010

Playlists from Upset The Rhythm and Pure Groove sets

We've been running around London playing records like there's no tomorrow so this is a short round up with playlists so you can see what you missed.

Upset The Rhythm with Covergirl, Plug and Hunx And His Punx at CAMP Basement
Superfun night! Covergirl were totally wired and totally awesome. Second gig ever apparently but very impressive. Hopefully they'll release something soon. Plug reminded me of Suicide and were tight as hell as always and Hunx And His Punx were great fun with matching leopard skin leotards. A spontaneous dancefloor followed after the bands. And you know we like us some spontaneous dancefloor.

Pure Groove Record Shop
A pretty quiet night but we had fun playing lots of different stuff and chatting with the super nice beer geeky bar staff. The Dark Star IPA was so yummy. They have the Pure Groove’s Second Ale Festival starting 26th April which should be amazing.

12 Apr 2010

Guest Mixtape 02: Mandy of Garbo's Daughter

Have we got a treat for you! Mandy of Garbo's Daughter sent us an amazing mixtape, perfect for picnics under blossoming cherry trees with a basket full of cold beer. Lots of cold beer. Ever since Garbo's Daughter released a brigthly colored cassette on Burger records last year we've been madly in love with them. Perfectly crafted pop songs like He Makes My Heart Go POP!, I Only Have Eyes For You and the dancefloor filler Private Party have been included on basically every mixtape and club night we've done this year. So if you ever wondered what it felt like really kissing somebody now you can find out.

So Tough! So Cute!: Mixtape by Mandy of Garbo's Daughter
1. Rock Candy Mountain - Sweet Magic
2. Val McKenna - Baby Do It
3. Thee Makeout Party - 2 EZ 2 LUV U
4. Ellie Greenwich - Cha Cha Charming
5. Beathoven - Shy Girl
6. Joy Lovejoy - In Orbit
7. Bilbo Baggins - Hold Me
8. The Prettyboys - I Wanna Make You Mine
9. Twinkle - Caroline
10. The Breakaways - That Boy Of Mine
11. Roddie Joy - Love Hit Me with a Wallop
12. 20/20 - Under the Freeway
13. Solid Gold Band - All You Gotta Do
14. Karol Keyes - One in a Million
15. The Shangri-Las - Footsteps on the Roof
16. The Little Girls - Crush on You
17. Dolly Mixture - Will He Kiss Me Tonight


The Garbo's Daughter - Goes POP! cassette can be bought at Burger Records
(artwork by Mandy)

2 Apr 2010

Henry's Dress and Go Sailor at the Slumberland 20th Anniversary

No, we're not slightly pissed that we missed what looks to have been the event of the year. Why do you ask? Pop Song Romance has lots and lot more videos from the San Francisco gigs. Like this one. Oh Go Sailor...