10 Jul 2013

Guest Mixtape 23: So Tough! So Cute! Mix by Fulhäst

Photo by Fulhäst
Hello! We've got another swell mixtape for you today and it is compiled by our good friend and drinking buddy Niklas. It's full of lovely angsty pop-punk and indiepop with classic, current and obscure bands and we think you'll really enjoy this one. It's great to bicycle around drunk to in the middle of a Tuesday night. Maybe not that great to listen to after you've cycled into a small bench that should have been lit up (for fuck's sake!) but try not to do that. Really, don't.

Niklas performs under the name Fulhäst and he plays lo-fi sounding gameboy punk with lots of references to pop culture and heartbreak. The second and brand new album Broken is pretty much a break-up album and it's very good and sad one at that. We really excited about getting our hands on it.

Broken is available to pre-order on a limited edition 10" vinyl on Fika Recordings and it's a great looking and sounding record with handwritten lyrics. Our wrist hurt just by looking at it. very much looking forward to our own shiny copy. You should also get the pay what you want digital single What Do You See? and the fantastic LA punk band namedropping song Riot On 1655 N Cherokee Avenue on the Carry On Rioting compilation.

Here' the spanking new video for What Do You See? featuring people from Martha, ONSIND och Ace Bushy Striptease.

So Tough! So Cute! Mix by Fulhäst
Lefty Loosie - For Evan, Wherever I May Find Him
The Replacements - I Hate Music
The Blow - The Sky Opened Wide Like the Tide
The Dils - Sound of the Rain
Allison Weiss - Nothing Left
Onsind - Heterosexuality Is a Construct
Los Gatos Negros - Raw Hide
Talk to Animals - Wolves
Against Me! - Walking Is Still Honest
The Mr. T Experience - Thank You (For Not Being One of Them)
Aye Nako - Let It In
Defiance, Ohio - I'm Against the Government
Ace Bushy Striptease - Children's Eyelash Trimming Device
Abe Froman - After the Fact
High Dive - Tennessee
Black Randy & the Metrosquad - I Slept in an Arcade
The Bombettes - Dating Scene
The Ergs! - Saturday Night Crap-O-Rama
Descendents - Bikeage
Pretty Hot - The Monsters Under the Bed Aren't Real but the Ghost in the Kitchen Is
Math the Band - Hey Alright
Your Heart Breaks - Late Night Ride
Fleshies - Big Green Teeth
Nana Grizol - Circles 'round the Moon
Heartsrevolution - Wolves + Libertines
The Max Levine Ensemble - Last of the Assholes

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