12 Aug 2013

Guest Mixtape 24: So Tough! So Cute! Mix by The Rosy Crucifixion

Cover by The Rosy Crucifixion
The Swedish summer has gone complete bonkers. It is, simply put, hot as fuck over here. When not even sitting and drinking cold Mikkeller ales in the shadow of our towering record collection helps us cool down, you know you have to look across to the British Isles and to Glasgow. Why Glasgow you ask? Because that is where the super cool Rosy Crucifixion sing songs like Sunshine Fuck Off to a monotonous beat that would make the Monks and The Fall blush (Ok, Mark E Smith doesn't blush but you get our drift). The slightly dark Garage DIY racket they come up with is highly recommended and very danceable at times.

We discovered the Rosy Crucifixion on the great Glaswegian Some Songs Side By Side compilation last year and are stoked to hear more from them. Although members hail from from Ohio, Guyana, and East Kilbride they have joined together in Glasgow to form a giant unstoppable robot (Wait, that's not it. That's from Voltron innit?). Emily used to have a band called 'Michael Dracula' who put an album out on Ze Records which is frigging awesome. Anyway, they've got a split LP with Wharves coming up in a few weeks on Soft Power Records and that should be great. Love both bands.

The Rosy Crucifixion have lots of songs up on their Soundcloud page and they're also playing the 13th Note in Glasgow on 17th August with Dundee band 'The Creeping Ivies' whose new album they recorded.

Here's the ace mixtape they mixed together. Some really amazing tracks on there. Thanks for putting this together for us guys!

So Tough! So Cute! Mix by The Rosy Crucifixion
1. Frantics - Werewolf
2. Judy Nylon - Jailhouse Rock
3. The Flying Lizards - TV
4. The Black Beats - The Mod Trade
5. The Peeple - Hi Yo Camel
6. Country Teasers - Cripples
7. Lydia Lunch - Diddy Wah Diddy
8. Andre Williams - Jail Bait
9. Alex Chilton - Hey! Little Child
10. Freddie & The Hitchhikers - Sinners
11. Sir Victor Uwaifo - Ogiobo
12. Allez Allez - Allez Allez
13. Willie Loco Alexander - Hit And Run
14. The Contortions - Roving Eye
15. Link Wray - Hidden Charms
16. The Mummies - Sooprize Package For Mr. Mineo
17. The Almighty Defenders - Bow Down And Die

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