19 Feb 2014

21 February: Too Cute To Puke + Women In Horror Month Screening and Quiz

Pillowcase kissers, juvenile delinquents och riot grrrls! This Friday were proud to invite you to join us at the newly rebuilt Spegelsalen (Mirror room) at Morika Paviljongen where we have not one, but two Queens of the Neighbourhood joining us behind the decks. Tyrannosaurus Bex (STHLM) och Ylwa Skywalker (GBG) have both played with us before and owned the dancefloor. This time, like a giant combined Transformer, they will own the world. Expect booty dancing, screaming along to X Ray Spex, holding your beer with two hands and absolutely femmetastic madness!

February also marks the Women In Horror Month and together with Lund International Fantastic Film Festival we're having a Women In Genre Film-themed quiz and a screening of American Mary by Jen and Sylvia Soska. »The story follows medical student, Mary Mason, as she becomes increasingly broke and disenchanted with the surgical world she once admired. The allure of easy money sends Mary into the world of underground surgeries which ends up leaving more marks on her than her so called 'freakish' clientele.« – Twisted Twins Productions. Thanks to Njutafilms for letting us show American Mary.

As if all of this wasn't enough we are showing drawings by NATTSKIFTET – an art project by Lisen Haglund from Stockholm. In a drawing per day she captures darkness, feminism, satire and absurdity in black as night ink. We ran into her instagram feed and were blown away. Lisen is also doing an Ikon projekt for the Swedish Riot Grrrl blog Grrrl Collection.

Too Cute To Puke • Rebecka & Ylwa • Women In Horror Month: 'American Mary' Screening & Quiz with Lund International Fantastic Film Festival • Art: Nattskiftet
Guest-DJ: Rebecka & Ylwa
Friday, 21th February 2013
19-22: Screening & Quiz. 23:00-3:00: Club
Moriska Paviljongen, Malmö
Door: Free before 23 and 100kr after
Facebook event

If you're under 20 email us at toocutetopuke@gmail.com

24 Jan 2014

Tjugotredje Januari Tvåtusenfjorton

Det låter så konstigt när någon säger ditt namn. Du är ju ett äckel. Ett vidrigt jävla äckel. Och äckel har inte namn.

21 Jan 2014

So Tough! So Cute! Favourite Songs From 2013

Hi, here is our list of our favourite records and releases from 2013. As always it's a bit late. We bought 128 psysical records in total, about a 40 less than last year, and about 40 digital releases. Bandcamp ruled* as did the Last.fm Scrobbler extension which was great for scrobbling bandcamp, youtube, soundcloud and just about everything else. Listening to a lot of interview podcasts this summer cut down quite a bit on the music listening but we still squeeze in about 90-100 tracks a day.

*A quick note on bandcamp which we used a lot this year and really love and support but could use improvement in some areas. First of all, why not have some kind of system where you, after having bought the digital files, can to buy the physical copy at some sort of discount. We spent to much money buying stuff twice this year. Secondly, labels and artists? Tag your fucking files correctly.

Before we get to our favourite songs a short recap of the year:
We put on a total of only 14 nights; 11 Too Cute To Puke and 2 So Tough! So Cute! Apart from 1 in London all of them were in Sweden. A lot less than last year because of lack of venues and dates. We did 7 guest spots at various clubs. They were all pretty much amazing.

Our fantastic guest-DJ's and bands were primarily women and they were all easy to find and book. (hint: book a female DJ or band next time at your club). A big thank you to Maja & Emma of I Vaginan, Sofia Fredlund of Makeriet, Stephanie Goodman of Shrag, Alice Samoilova, Ylwa Skywalker, Rebecka aka Tyrannosaurus Bex, Sven-Eric Nilsson of Klubb Indiean, Hanna & Hedvig, Orphans, Emmy Kafle, Ellen Magnusson, Anna Brynolf, Könsförrädare... and… I've forgotten someone haven't I? Apologies if it's you.

Again the mixtapes took the backseat but we managed to feature 5 great guest mixes by Andreas of Alpaca Sports, Rosy Crucifixion, Niklas of Fulhäst, Erika of Expressway To Yr Skull and Toby of Riots Not Diets.

Anyway. Our favourite songs from 2013. Rules are the same as last year – if we got hold of it in 2013, then it counts as released in 2013. And, even more than last year, definitely more tough than cute.

Favourite releases (meaning the whole LP/EP/CS/7" is fantastic and we could have picked almost any track from it)

Makthaverskan - Asleep - Makthaverskan II LP (Luxury) - Buy
ONSIND - Dissatisfactions - Anaesthesiology LP (Discount Horse, Plan-it-X) - Buy
All Dogs - Buddy - All Dogs 7" (Salinas) - Buy
The Courtneys - Nu Sundae - The Courtneys LP (Hockey Dad) - Buy
Veronica Falls - Broken Toy - Waiting for Something to Happen LP (Slumberland, Bells Union) - Buy

All Dogs - Love Song - Split Tape W/Slouch (Self-released) - Buy
Shopping - In Other Words - Consumer Complaints LP (Mïlk) - Buy
Slum of Legs - Slum of Legs - Demo CS (Tuff Enuff) - Buy
Joyride! - Shot in the Dark - Joyride! LP (Lauren) - Buy
Chastity Belt - Black Sail - No Regerts LP (Help Yourself) - Buy

Frau - Sherman's Gone - Demo CS (Tuff Enuff) - Buy
Martha  - Lost Without You - Sycamore 7" (Oddbox) - Buy
Bleached - Looking for a Fight - Ride Your Heart LP (Dead Oceans) - Buy
No Ditching - Cuddles - Face Ache (Self-released) - Buy
Crazy Band - Crazy Bad - Live in Prison LP (Teenage Teardrops) - Buy

Favourite songs (bits and bobs from awesome records)

The Julie Ruin - Girls Like Us  - Run Fast LP (Dischord) - Buy
Terry Malts - I Was Not There - Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere LP (Slumberland) - Buy
The Wharves - Unhand Me - The Wharves / the Rosy Crucifixion Split LP (Soft Power) - Buy
Plastic Bags - I Hate School - Demo CS (Helta Skelta) - Buy
Good Throb - Culture Vulture - Culture Vulture 7" (Muscle Horse) - Buy

Future Bible Heroes - Keep Your Children in a Coma - Partygoing LP (Merge) - Buy
Toxie - Newgate - Newgate 7" (Goner) - Buy
Slowcoaches - Thinkers - Thinkers EP (Icecapades) - Buy
The Spook School - I'll Be Honest - Dress Up LP (Fortuna POP!) - Buy
Upset - Oxfords & Wingtips - She's Gone LP (Don Giovanni) - Buy

Throwing Up - Gone Again - Over You LP (O Genesis) - Buy
Comet Gain - Avenue Girls - Avenue Girls 7" (wiaiwya) - Buy
Veronica Falls - Timeless Melody - Six Covers Vol. 2 LP (Bella Union)
The Blow - Invisible - The Blow LP (Kanine) - Buy
Love Cuts - Extra - +2 -1 (Self-released?) - Free Download

Fat Creeps - Daydreaming - Fat Creeps / Zebu! 12" (Feeding Tube) - Buy
Colour Me Wednesday - Shut - I Thought It Was Morning LP (Discount Horse/Dovetown) - Buy
The Fireworks - Runaround - Runaround 7" (Shelflife) - Buy
Teenage Burritos - Danya - Danya 7" (Volar) - Buy
Potty Mouth - The Spins - Hell Bent LP (Old Flame/Marshall Teller) - Buy

Bam! Bam! - Golden Haze 2 - Golden Haze 2 7" (Happy Happy Birthday To Me) - Buy
Dog Legs - Memory Chester Lane - Awkward CS (Tuff Enuff) - Buy
Fleabite - Cattitude - Maybe Call Me (Self-released)
Poppets - Steal It Like a Thief - Steal It Like A Thief LP (FDH) - Buy
Fully Cooked - Dog Ate Pussy - Demo (Less Talk) - Buy

Radiator Hospital - Are You Feeling Me? - Something Wild LP (Salinas) - Buy
Darren Hayman And The Long Parliament - Old Man - Old Man 7" (wiaiwya) - Buy
Levitations - Decisions - Partners in Crime EP (Cut The Cord That) Buy
Golden Grrrls - Date It - Golden Grrrls LP (Slumberland) - Buy
Nots - Dust Red - Dust Red (Goner) - Buy

Daylight Robbery - Distant Shores - Distant Shores 7" (Dirt Cult/Poison City) - Buy
Edible Arrangements - Second Hand Shit That You Live In - Edible Arrangements CS (Comfortable On A Tightrope) - Buy
Fulhäst - Riot On 1655 North Cherokee Avenue - Broken LP (Fika) - Buy
Rose Melberg - Mystery (The Wipers) - September CS (Lost Sound Tapes) - Buy
The Pastels - Check My Heart - Slow Summits LP (Domino) - Buy

Household - A New Leaf - Elaines 12" (Dull Knife) - Buy
Funsuck - Country Sherb'it - Demo CS (Self-released) - Buy
The Tuts - Tut Tut Tut - Tut Tut Tut (Self-released) - Buy
Habibi  - Let Me In - Habibi LP (Burger) - Buy
Colleen Green - Number One - Sock It to Me LP (Hardly Art) - Buy

Cachette a Branlette - Lames - Sur L'Ìle Malefique de Satan (Self-released) - Buy
Wavves - Demon To Lean On - Afraid Of Heights LP (Mom + Pop)
Joanna Gruesome - Secret Surprise - Weird Sister LP (Slumberland/Fortuna Pop!) - Buy
Raw Prawn - None Left - None Left 7" (R.I.P. Society) - Buy
La Luz  - Sure As Spring - It's Alive LP (Hardly Art) - Buy

Go Violets - Teenager - Heart Slice (Create Control) - Buy
Don't Cry Shopgirl - Bring Me Home - Demo
Perfect Pussy - IV - I Have Lost All Desire For Feeling CS (Self-released) - Buy
PUPS  - Park Ghost - Month Long Sleep (wiaiwya) - Buy
Ruby Pins - Chariot - Ruby Pins LP (M'Lady's) - Buy

Secret Beach - Cockroach Girlfriend - Turn It Off! (Self-released) - Buy
Downtown Boys - Maldito - Downtown Boys LP (Self-released) - Buy
Darkthrone - Leave No Cross Unturned - The Underground Resistance LP (Peaceville) - Buy

Compilations & Re-issues

va – Va - Riots Not Diets - Carry On Rioting (Tuff Enuff) - Buy
Neo Boys - Sooner Or Later LP (K) - Buy
va - Punk 45: Kill The Hippies! Kill Yourself! The American Nation Destroys Its Young:
Underground Punk in the USA 1973-80, Vol 1 (Soul Jazz) - Buy
va - Studio One Ska Fever: More Ska Sounds From Sir Coxsone's Downbeat (Soul Jazz) - Buy

Most listened to artists according to last.fm
1 Bratmobile (371)
2 Colleen Green (333)
3 Beat Happening (285)
4 Bleached (262)
5 The Breeders (248)
6 Veronica Falls (246)
7 Daylight Robbery (216)
8 Good Throb (203)
9 Teenage Burritos (201)
10 The Fall (198)
11 The Rondelles (193)
12 Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers (189)
13 Nixon (188)
14 Descendents (187)
15 Bikini Kill (186)

Most listened to tracks according to last.fm
1 The B-52's – Whammy Kiss (78)
2 Darkthrone – Leave No Cross Unturned (67)
3 Althea & Donna – Uptown Top Ranking (59)
4 Beat Happening – Hot Chocolate Boy (58)
5 Deicide – Sacrificial Suicide (53)
6 Bärchen und die Milchbubis – Muskeln (50)
6 Teenage Burritos – Charlie (50)
8 The Cure – I'm Cold [Studio Demo] (49)
9 Andreas Dorau Und Die Marinas – Fred Vom Jupiter (48)
10 Bratmobile – There's No Other Way / No You Don't (46)
11 Coffin Pricks – Group Home Haircut (45)
11 Teenage Burritos – Kamikaze (45)
13 !Action Pact! – London Bouncers (Bully Boy Version) (44)
13 Big In Japan – Big In Japan (44)
13 Good Throb – Feminazi (44)
16 Bleached – Next Stop (43)
17 Au Pairs – Monogamy (40)
18 Good Throb – Bag (39)
19 Bleached – Looking For A Fight (38)
20 Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl (36)

What you are looking for but, pretty please, support the artists and buy the releases too.
Mix - Part 1
Mix - Part 2

Or listen here:

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