23 Dec 2010

Debaser Malmö X-mas bash!

Come get a proper work out on the dance floor with us on x-mas day at Debaser! Do the tummy hop, the shake, the crusher, the indie kid pogo and the mashed potato or just hang with us in the bar and let us know what presents you'll be re-gifting this year.

Behind the decks we'll be joined by the maltese ponce Fredo, rare soul selector Lasse Bång and the girl with the unpronounceable name Ylwa Skywalker.

There are pre-sale tickets for this event so make sure to grab them while there are still some left. Queuing in this weather won't be fun.

Juldagsbaluns at Debaser
Debaser Malmö
Norra Parkgatan 2, 214 22 Malmö
Sat. 25 Dec. | 22-03 | 20 Years
120 kr + förköp på debaser.se, Folk å Rock + Tickster
Facebook event

Last post from us before x-mas so Happy Holidays everyone! Be safe, dress warm and have a great weekend!

21 Dec 2010

Guest Mixtape 08: So Tuff BRGR by Burger Records

"What are you doing here? This is a private girls only party!" from Garbo's Daughters debut cassette was the first we heard from Burger Records from Fullerton California. This was in January and since then we've been hooked - hooked like the Unpopular Boy getting hooked on nicotine just to get inside Popular Girl Who Sits And Smokes At The Bus Stop skinny jeans  - so we quickly ordered a bunch a tapes and started digging backwards and forwards through their catalogue, falling in love with Jaill, Apache, Audacity, Nobunny and Fever B whose song Pop Punk Love we even named our three day popfest after.

Sean and Lee described Burger Records as being "a rock n roll philanthropic quasi-religious borderline-cultish propaganda spreading group of suburban perma-teen mutants." and we can't really argue with that. And since our goal with these mixtapes is to spread the gospel and we really can't think of any other labels whose releases we've listened as much to this year we figured it's only fitting that we let the guys'n'gals at Burger do our last guest mixtape for 2010.

Hope you like it and if you do please head over to http://burgerrecords.webs.com/ and order a bunch of tapes and records and those awesome super sized I'm A Burger Girl/Boy-badges. We've been wearing ours since we got them and our love life hasn't been the same since! Also take a look at the Burger Facebook page as they put on awesome shows and movie nights all the time. Thanks guys for a great mixtape!

So Tuff BRGR by Burger Records
1. Davila 666 - Callejón
2. Miss Chain And The Broken Heels - Rollercoaster
3. Jaill - The Biggest Nugget Of Them All
4. The Pizazz - Ocean Liner
5. Fever B - Punk Pop Love
6. Gestapo Khazi - Open House
7. Cum Stain - Bachelor's Life
8. Todd Congelliere - Carlow Rd
9. Apache - Outside
10. Bad Sports - Why Say Don't
11. Audacity - Power Drowning
12. Cosmonauts - Neon Kids
13. Bombon - La Playa
14. Cleaners From Venus - Wivenhow Bells II
15. Bare Wires - Young Love
16. Dwight Twilley - Ten Times
17. Mmoss - Hedge Creeper
18. The Resonars - Riding Backwards
19. Nobunny - Monster Kiss
20. White Night - Dogface
21. Clive Tanaka Y Su Orquesta - Neu Chicago
22. Conspiracy Of Owls - A Silver Song

Alternative Download

Music files are posted for evaluation purposes only. Through this site, we are trying to share and promote good music with others, who will also hopefully continue to support these artists. If you hold copyright to one of these songs and would like the file removed, please let us know. Availability is limited.

19 Dec 2010

Sex Beet, Friday Casuals and the playlist from Too Cute To Puke #02 at Tempo Bar & Kök

What a great chaos and fun filled week! Sex Beet and Jerry Tropicano each played an ace gig and we were transported from a snowed in Malmö to a drunken summer beach parties in Dalston with the police busting in and everything. Which, of course, doesn't make any sense but I guess you had to be there. Thanks to the brave ones who fought the weather and came down and helped out with gas money.We had a great time and guest-dj Krister of  Record Turnover played some rather lovely tunes.

Krister also joined us at the Friday Casual where we played a short set of anglophile pop and dubstep to a crowd of anarcho punks. That was very interesting and the place was on fire! Literally.

Finally we were back at Tempo Bar & Kök for our second Too Cute To Puke night. We are really starting to enjoy these girl fronted nights. We played a bit more pop this time to fit in with the lovely x-mas decorations and mood. Really fun and as always the staff and guests were super nice.

Heres what we and our impromptu guest Jassiie Freak played:

Chalk And Numbers - He Knew
Meat Joy - Another Pair
The Chymes - He's Not There Anymore
The Angels - (You Can't Take) My Boyfriend's Woody
La Femme - Sur La Planche

Las Robertas - Street Feelings
Garbo's Daughter - He's Good At Everything (But Being Good To Me)
Nancy Sinatra - How Does That Grab You, Darlin'?
Holly St James - That's Not Love
Dawn Penn - You Don't Love Me

Phyllis Dillon - Perfidia
Mag & The Suspects - Erection
Lust-Cats of the Gutters - Nothing Cool Happens on Dates
Honey Bane - Guilty
Maximum Joy - Stretch

Dum Dum Girls - Brite Futures
Black Tambourine - For Ex-Lovers Only - (Lost Inner Ear Mix)
Sister Vanilla - The Two Of Us
The Chiffons - Nobody Knows What's Goin' On (In My Mind But Me)
Seapony - Go Away

The Exciters - Just Not Ready
Rocketship - I Love You Like The Way That I Used To Do
The Liminanas - Je Suis Une Go-Go Girl
Anna Karina - Roller Girl
Jane Birkin - Lolita Go Home

Dusty Springfield - Am I The Same Girl
Thee Headcoatees - Cara-Lin
Bobsleigh Baby - Hop Blues Sixty Six
Funstix - Funstix Party
Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl

Comet Gain - Hideaway
Animals & Men - The Man With The Spiked-Toed Shoes
Marlene & The Debanettes - Earthquake
The Parallelograms - Dream On Daisy
Mo-Dettes - White Mouse Disco

Blind Terry - Long Ride In The Metro
Mary Lou Lord - Some Jingle Jangle Morning (When I'm Straight)
Millie Small - My Boy Lollipop
Camera Obscura - Eighties Fan
France Gall - Poupee De Cire, Poupee De Son

Two Bit Dezperados - Alive/Dead
Lill Lindfors - Du För Mej
Diane Renay - Watch Out, Sally!
Sandy Posey - I Take It Back
Nico - I'm Not Sayin'

Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - (We've Got) Honey Love
Saint Etienne - You're In A Bad Way
Kirsty Maccoll - A New England
Hot Lava - Apple+Option+Fire
Colleen Green - Dance The Night Away

Rough Bunnies - Dance With Your Shadow
Alicja-Pop - Walking The Cow
Grass Widow - Shadow
Plug - B-Boy
Beat Happening - In Between

Garbo's Daughter - Private Party
Best Coast - When I'm With You
Donna Loren - Cycle Set
Monica Zetterlund - Stick Iväg Jack
Allo, Darlin' - Henry Rollins Don't Dance

Shocking Blue - Send Me A Postcard
The Raincoats - Lola
Breeders - Freed Pig
Thee Headcoatees - Have Love, Will Travel
Bristols - Questions I Can't Answer

The Beatle-Ettes - Only Seventeen
Sandie Shaw - Sympathy For The Devil
Marcia Aitken - I'm Still In Love
The Marvels - Rock Steady
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Big Eyed Beans From Venus (Not a girl but we had to pay tribute to this great artist who passed away yesterday)

The Slits - I Heard It Through The Grapevine (Rough Mix) (Another tribute to the great great Ari Up)
Lio - Le Banana Split
Melody Dog - Movin' On Up

17 Dec 2010

The Friday Casual

Hey, just a quick announcement. We're now part of the Friday Casual, a group of friends with a taste for punk, pop, ska, house, disco, northern and modern soul, glamrock, pints of IPAs and bitters, cycling, football, fish'n'chips, the Pickwick and fine clothing playing records at the lovely downstairs of Rex in Malmö. We're playing today Friday between 21-01.

14 Dec 2010

Bookmarks and RSS updates

Hey, you may have noticed that our latest mix went down yesterday because Blogger got a complaint. Instead of the copyright holder contacting us and asking us to remove his track, which we happily would have, them filing a complaint caused Blogger to take down the entire post. Fair enough as those are the rules, but what bugs us about having the entire mix taken down is that a lot of these artist actually thanked us putting them on the mix and retweeted and help spread the word themselves. It quite frankly sucks as we're trying to promote music we really really like with others, who will also hopefully continue to support these artists buy buying records, mp3s and merch and going to gigs.

Anyhoo. Instead of realising too late that we should have created a back-up should Blogger decide to delete us, we've actually already done so if that should happen everything will be transferred to a new providerrr.... Okay, this is  just sounding silly. Look if this blog goes down we're moving to wordpress is what we're trying to say

Please change your bookmarks to www.sotoughsocute.com and please change your RSS-subscription to feeds.feedburner.com/sotoughsocute or press this fancy button. Mmm fancy button... press it...

Add to Google

This way, should the blog go down you won't notice anything except us being totally inept at getting the other blog design to look even remotely good.

The photo is from the book Mix Tape: The Art of Cassette Culture edited by Thurston Moore. Painting is by Tom Sachs and we have no idea who took the photo. 

11 Dec 2010

Saturday 18th Dec. Too Cute To Puke #02 - A female fronted So Tough! So Cute! special at Tempo Bar & Kök

We're back with our second Too Cute To Puke special at Tempo Bar & Kök! Like the last time we'll be playing Female-fronted Punk, Indie Pop, Riot Grrl, Post-Punk, DIY as well as '60s Surf, Ska and Girl-groups.

Have a pint with us and listen to the new Black Tambourine mixes, La Femme who'll have an amazing 7" out soon, the just released Plug LP and the new acquaintances Bobsleigh Baby and Two Bit Dezperados, both on Jeetkune recs, who make us really happy at the moment and Funstix, lovely Funstix.

And of course bands like Free Kitten, Magik Markers, Bad Banana, Seapony, Slutever, ESG, Mika Miko, Neonates, Lizzy Mercier Descloux, Spider And The Webs, Bikini Kill, Explode Into Colors, X Ray Spex, Peepholes, Phyllis Dillon, Vivian Girls, Frumpies, Headcoatees, Period Pains, Shop Assistants, Veronica Falls, Brilliant Colors, Pens, Raincoats, Rosa Yemen, Waitresses, Plug, Le Tigre, Trash Kit, Honey Bane, Melody Dog, Wet Dog, Little Eve, Best Coast, Ut, Au Pairs, Micragirls, Young Marble Giants, Mutating Meltdown, Talulah Gosh, Crystals, Henry's Dress, Aislers Set, Kitty Cat Spy Club, Garbo's Daughter, Tiger Trap, Snowbirds, Morbid Opera, Splinters, La Sera, Sweater Girls, Huggy Bear, Colleen Green, Super Wild Horses, Dolly Mixture, La La Vasquez, Emily's Sassy Lime, Skinned Teen, Maximum Joy, Slits, Strawberry Switchblade, Chin Chin, Kleenex/Liliput and loads more.

Too Cute To Puke - A female fronted So Tough! So Cute! special
Tempo Bar & Kök, Malmö Sweden
Saturday 18 December | 22-01 | Free

[Edit] Just want to add this: 100% Malmö is an awesome initiative in our hometown. A list of female driven projects and creators in all areas.

8 Dec 2010

Mixtape: Judy Is A Punk And Jackie's Never Coming Back

It’s been a bit chilly lately so to keep you warm here’s the latest batch of our not so monthly mixtapes. So snug up with a blanket, woolly socks, some mulled wine - or as we call it in Sweden “glögg” - and some nice mouldy cheese and gingerbread (you gotta taste to believe it) and have a listen. Just turning the heat up and having a shot of vodka is also ok. But drink responsibly. So Tough! So Cute! cares.

There are some great tracks in here that make us go all warm and fuzzy inside. We’ve got brand new tracks off the upcoming albums with Silver Shampoo, Veronica Falls and Chain And The Gang plus tracks from Tyvek and everybodys favourite bearded Scotsman Aidan John Moffat new full lenghts (have you seen Moffats 7” LP? Drop. Dead. Gorgeous). Lust-Cats of the Gutters and Bad Banana have, so far download only, teasers of hopefully upcoming releases which will own next year and Hunx and his Punx have finally embraced their inner girl-group. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Sourpatch and The Hobbes Fanclub keep the indie pop dance floor poppin’ and for the punks we’ve got a nice live version of The Falls Guest Informant with Brix up front with Mark E Smith, the party starters that are Funstix and Sex Beet who’ll be playing at our next club night. Hope you like this and please keep buying releases and going to the gigs.

But but but… what about the best of 2010 list? Well we think it’s still a bit early so we’re going to play it like this: We’ll have a special guest mixtape up in about two weeks and just when you’ve sobered up after New Years Eve we’ll have our best of 2010 list for you waiting here.

Judy Is A Punk And Jackie’s Never Coming Back
1. Funstix - Funstix Party
2. Tyvek - 4312
3. Bette Davis And The Balconettes - White Food
4. Sourpatch - Never (Ever Ever) Enough
5. Magik Markers - Body Rot
6. Sex Beet - Scarecrow
7. Thee Headcoatees - Cara-Lin
8. The Hobbes Fanclub - Outside Myself
9. Lust-Cats of the Gutters - Judy is a Punk
10. Surf Friends - You’re On My Mind
11. Veronica Falls - Right Side Of My Brain
12. Silver Shampoo - Insect Eyes
13. Subtle Turnhips - Can Can
14. Aidan John Moffat - Twice
15. Spoiled Brats - Jackie’s Never Coming Back
16. The Jameses - Caribou
17. Gods Gift - Clamour Club
18. Breeders - Freed Pig
19. Bad Banana - Pretty Like A Girl
20. Dan Melchior Und Das Menace - Daylight Robbery
21. Chain & The Gang - Why Not?
22. Hunx And His Punx - Dream On (Little Dreamer)
23. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Heart In Your Heartbreak
24. The Fall - Guest Informant (Live In Vienna)

Alternative download
Hey, why not just send us a friendly email and we'll be happy to take down your track and leave the rest up. We've recieved thanks, mentions and support from quite a few of the featured bands who actually appreciate being on this mix.

Oh, and a quick reminder of our upcoming events.
STSC presents Sex Beet at Vinylbaren Malmö 16th Dec.
STSC Djing at Juldagsbaluns at Debaser Malmö 25th Dec.
Club night at the Drop in Stoke Newington London 28th Jan.

1 Dec 2010

So Tough! So Cute! presents Sex Beet at Vinylbaren, KB in Malmö 16th Dec

You'll be craving the beach and cool drinks with tiny umbrellas when Londons finest pop punk explosion Sex Beet visit So Tough! So Cute! straight from their tour with Best Coast and Spectrals and shine on this snowy cold Malmö. Their punk take on reverby surf and beach pop make us want to drink beer and pogo like there's no tomorrow! So excited about having these guys over from the UK so come on down and go wild!

After the bands we'll get you spinning and skipping on the dancefloor so cancel any Friday morning plans!

Driver & The Drummer
Vinylbaren, Malmö Sweden
Thursday 16 December | 20-01 | Free but donations for the band will be kindly accepted!

Playlists and photos from So Tough So Cute at the Drop Nov. 26

Phew! What a home run! What a great dancefloor! What great guests! A thousand thanks to everybody who came down to the Drop last Saturday! What an amazing night! It was absolutely packed! You make us blush with all your mad dancing and shuffling and smiling and kind words and The Slits t-shirts and shouts of "Oh god I can't you believe you just played that song! I LOVE that song!"

A big thank you to the Mongonaut for coming all the way from Gothenburg and spinning such ace forty-fives! You can see his playlist after the photos. There were a few times we couldn't believe our eyes when he put on the needle and the dancefloor exploded. Such a great set

Thanks also to the bar staff, bouncers and door guys and L for taking some lovely snaps and everybody mentioning us on blogs and Twitter.

We''l be doing a few nights in Sweden before we're back in the UK at the Drop in January 28th and there's already an
event on Facebook so click through and please invite your friends!

 L-U-V you guys!

 Oh, and the photos are on our Facebook group as well if you'd like to get tagged.

The Mongonaut Played
Electric Light Orchestra: Showdown
Lee Dorsey: Operation Heartache
The Monochrome Set: He's Frank
The French Church: Slapneck 1943
Stephen Eicher: Sweet Jane

Palais Schaumburg: Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt
The Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2: I Want To Get Back (From The World Of Lsd)
Donovan: Superlungs My Supergirl
The Gestures: Run Run Run

The Loved Ones: Suprise, Suprise
The Lucksmiths: T-Shirt Weather
Seapony: Dreaming
Allo Darlin: Henry Rollins Don't Dance
Drop Nineteens: Winona

The Field Mice: September's Not So Far Away
Go-Betweens: Lee Remick
The Triffids: Mgm
New Order: Age Of Consent
The Aislers Set: Red Door

The Wedding Present: Nobody's Is Twisting Your Arm
Clinic: Monkey On My Back
Pavement: Cut Your Hair
Bobby Moore: Chained To Your Heart
The Ethiopians: Train To Skaville

The Strangeloves: Cara-Lin
The Fabs: That's The Bag I'm In
The Creation: Painter Man
The Traits: Nobody Loves The Hulk
The Vaselines: Molly's Lips

The Knickerbockers: Lies
The Buzzcocks: What Do I Get
Herman Düne: I Wish That I Could See You Soon
Comet Gain: You Can Hide Your Love Forever
The Equals: Police On My Back

The Headcoats: We Hate The Fuckin Nme
The Blendells: La La La La La
Bob Seger & The Last Heard: Heavy Music Pt. 1
Shadows Of Knight: Shake
Hunx & His Punx: You Don't Like Rock'n'roll

The Bobettes: Mr Lee
The Shirelles: Last Minute Miracle
The Flirtations: How Can You Tell Me
Jocelyn: Nitty Gritty
Shirley Ellis: The Clapping Song

The Shells: Whiplash
The Fall: Totally Wired
Jackie Wilson: Soul Galore
EDdie Holland: Leaving Here
Baby Huey & The Babysitters: Monkey Man

The Strangeloves: I Want Candy

Stsc Played
Pastels - Nothing To Be Done
Pulp - Cocaine Socialism
Camera Obscura - Honey In The Sun
Tyrone Davis - Can I Change My Mind

The Monochrome Set - He's Frank
Dexys Midnight Runners - I Love You (Listen To This)
Bobby Reed - The Time Is Right For Love
Go-Betweens - Love Goes On! (Single Version)
Surf Friends - You're On My Mind

Major Lance - Ain't No Soul Left In These Old Shoes
Trembling Blue StarS - Cold Colours
Håkan Hellström - Inte Skyldig Nån Nåt
The Smiths - Handsome Devil
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Heart In Your Heartbreak

Shirley Ellis - The Name Game
Pulp - Babies
Belle & Sebastian - Le Pastie De La Bourgeoisie
The Slits - I Heard It Through The Grapevine - Rough Mix
The Dells - Wear It On Our Face

Marlene & The Debanettes - Earthquake
Veronica Falls - Beachy Head
Hefner - Pull Yourself Together
Hunx And His Punx - Dream On (Little Dreamer)
The Halo Benders - Don't Touch My Bikini

Nai Bonet - Jelly Belly
The Chiffons - Nobody Knows What's Goin' On (In My Mind But Me)
Annette Funicello - Pajama Party
Standard Fare - Philadelphia

Ballboy - I've Got Pictures Of You In Your Underwear
Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen In Love... (With Someone You Shouldn't've)
Skatalites - Dick Tracy
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers - Egyptian Reggae
Nixon - There's Too Much Soul On Your Mix-Tape!

Crass - Banned From The Roxy
Broder Daniel - Underground
Håkan Hellström - En Midsommarnattsdröm
Orange Juice - I Can't Help Myself
Four Tops - I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)

Beat Happening - Teenage Caveman
Saint Etienne - He's On The Phone
Belle & Sebastian - Electronic Renaissance
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Young Adult Friction
Madness - Nightboat To Cairo

The Vaselines - The Day I Was A Horse
Field Mice - Emma's House
Hefner - The Hymn For The Cigarettes
Jens Lekman - You Are The Light (By Which I Travel Into This And That)
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers - New England

Primitives - Crash
Nerves - When You Find Out
Talulah Gosh - Talulah Gosh
Shop Assistants - I Don't Wanna To Be Friends With You
Belle & Sebastian - There's Too Much Love

Camera Obscura - Number One Son
Mccarthy - The Well Of Loneliness
The Pooh Sticks - On Tape
Cats On Fire - Draw In The Reins
Homer Simpson - Spider-Pig