Once in a while we ask people, whos taste in music inspire us, to compile a mixtape of what gets their juices flowing and to draw us a picture of a cassette. Here are the ones that have been kind enough to take some time and send us one

Guest mixtape compilers:
#23 Nik Vestberg of Fulhäst (UK)
#22 Erika Elizabeth of Expressway To Yr Skull (US)
#21 Toby Blackman of Riots Not Diets Brighton (UK)
#20 Stephanie Goodman of Shrag / Blue Minkies (UK)
#18 The Spook School (UK)
#17 Sofia and Kristina of Like A Girl I Want You To Keep Coming (SWE)
#16 The Mongonaut (SWE)
#15 Skinny Girl Diet (UK)
#14 Astro-Sofia of You Are The Light (FIN)
#13 Jaspin of Hissyfit (NZ)
#12 Luke of Sex Beet (UK)
#11 The Poppets (SWE)
#10 Freya Watson of La La Vasquez (UK)
#09 Ylwa Skywalker (SWE)
#08 Burger Records (US)
#07 Colleen Green (US)
#06 David Feck of Comet Gain (UK)
#05 Sumire of the Twee Grrrls Club (JAP)
#04 The Mongonaut of Our Favourite (SWE)
#03 Daniel DiMaggio of Home Blitz (US)
#02 Mandy Mullins of Garbo's Daughter (US)

Mixtapes we've compiled ourselves:
You're Gone Again, You Never Want To Stay
Girls Like Me Don't Know When To Quit. We Get Revenge
Take Off Your Pants. Just Dance
I'm Gonna Rough My Girlfriend's Boyfriend Up Tonight
Operator! Operator! This Town Is Full Of Incest!
You're The Girl That Does Everything I Do

So Tough! So Cute! Favourites From 2012

So Tough! So Cute! Favourites From 2011

Another Pint, Another Cigarette
Your Daddy Said You Shouldn't Stay Out Late
We All Know Pop Love Might Just Save The World (Huge 4 part mixtape of Indie, C86 and Twee)
Jumped On The Tube Just To See You

So Tough! So Cute! Favourites From 2010

Judy Is A Punk And Jackie's Never Coming Back
Splash One Happening Mixtape
It's Not Fair What You Do To Me + Talkin' 'Bout The New Dance Craze
Long Hot Summer
No One Needs To Know
I'm Not Myself Today
Dancing At The Disco
Somewhere New
Eating Ice Cream At Midnight With You
Let Me Tell You About Punk Rock
Dear Diary, Let Me Be Seventeen Forever

So Tough! So Cute! Favourites From 2009

Summer Things
A mixtape for balloons
Mix For People That've Taken Three E's But Still Can't Dance Like Bobby Gillespie
Here With You It's Perfect

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