31 May 2011

The Smiths - Meat Is Murder special at Retro in Malmö 4th June

Hello, Hello, Hello this is message from your quee...sorry wrong band.

The great veggie event Vegomässan is on this weekend in Malmö Sweden with lots and lots of yummy food so to celebrate we decided to have a Meat Is Murder special as we are on on the same day! The plan is to play a track of the Smiths album spread out throughout the night starting 2230 and then every half hour. The rest of the night will be filled to the brink with pop punk, soul scorchers and indiepop like Hefner, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Ride, Cure, Shop Assistants, Stone Roses, Field Mice, Belle & Sebastian, Crystal Stilts, Pulp and more.

If you are under 20 email us your name no later than Saturday 1500 so we can put you on a list. Better to be safe than sorry so just join our new Facebook page and email us.

See you there

So Tough! So Cute!

Saturday 4th June
Retro, Norra Skolgatan 24, Malmö
22-03 | 20kr | 20 yrs (Mail us if you're over 18)
Facebook event

28 May 2011

Photos from the One Year Anniversary

Thanks to everyone that came down to give us a good send off before the summer break. This first year of doing the night in London has been so much fun that everytime we come back to Sweden we can barely wait to be back in the UK. Thanks for all the smiles and dance moves and to the lovely staff at the Drop for being the best staff ever as well as our door guy supreme Roland. We hope to see you all on August 26th!

Facebook album here so please like the page to keep updated and tag yourself

24 May 2011

We All Know Pop Love Might Just Save The World

While preparing for Friday nights anniversary celebration we have been looking back at old playlists, mixtapes and lists. It's been a bit weird and definitely two quite nostalgic days of digging up seven inch records, LPs and CDs and just listening through tracks that made us fall in love with indiepop, twee, C86 and the whole anorak scene. A lot of these song we still love and play to this day while other just make us wince - Duglasettes, we're looking at you. But these songs are what sparked our wee little club and each and everyone bring up fun memories. And we can't believe how many of these people that were involved at the time we've actually met and even had quite a few play our night.

Anyway, we put these tracks in a folder and thought you might like to hear what got our hearts racing a little over ten years ago. Here you go: One hundred tracks that let us know that pop love might just save the world.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

These will only be up until the weekend so grab them while you can

Come celebrate our one year anniversary of So Tough! So Cute in London and the 25th anniversary of the C86 tape!

Friday 27th May
The Drop (downstairs of the Three Crowns Pub
175 Stoke Newington High Street, N16 0LH
11pm-04am | £4/£3 with flyer or stripe/polka dot shirts | Facebook event

21 May 2011

Mixtape: Jumped On The Tube Just To See You

So yeah, we had a bit of a break from putting together mixtapes - life, work and beers in the sun got in the way - but today we're back with a selection of amazing records that have been piling up by our decks. Lots of neat songs fit for commuting teenage delinquents in love with pop, punk, bleeding knees and uhm.. holding hands.

Our favourite track of the bunch is probably Bleached who are the Clavin sisters from Mika Miko. No Friend Of Mine just knocks our socks off every time we put it on. The Bass Drum Of Death track has also been going on repeat at Casa de So Tough.

Hope you like the mix and if you like what you hear please go and buy the records or go to some shows.

Jumped On The Tube Just To See You
The Pastels - (Your Love) Paint It!
Bleached - No Friend Of Mine
The Numbers - Rules Of Love
The Monster Women - Running Man
Chalk Circle - Uneasy Friend
Jungle Fever - Cryin' Blood
Bad Banana - Cry About It
White Fence - And By Always
Mantles - Raspberry Thighs
Cool Moms - Fuck You Dude
Wax Idols - All Too Human
No Age - Here Should Be My Home
Hissyfit - Scrunchie
The Donnas - Teenage Runaway
Bleeding Knees Club - Have Fun
Puberty - Parties
Remains - Heart
Mcdonalds - Good Parts
Coasting - Kids
Morris And The Minors - Emily
!Action Pact! - London Bouncers
Bass Drum Of Death - Get Found
Romantics - What I Like About You
Wynonie Harris - Bloodshot Eyes
Castillians - Lover's Call
Teenage Head - You're Tearin' Me Apart

Here we go
Here we go again

Also, it would be super awesome if you followed us to the new So Tough! So Cute! page as the previous group will be archived soon. Where's the party at? 21st May at Retro in Malmö and 27th May with our c86 & one year anniversary special in Stoke Newington

16 May 2011

Where It's At

A wee update. Facebook has changed the way groups on work so we'll be migrating to a so-called page. It would be super awesome if you followed us over there by liking the So Tough! So Cute! page. If you're sick and tired of Facebook we think you should just bookmark this blog instead. Either way we promise to keep you updated on our nights in the UK and in Malmö. Why complicate things right?

15 May 2011

Bob Stanley of Saint Etienne DJs So Tough! So Cute! at Retro Malmö 21st May

Kiss and make up and join our club because nothing can stop us now as a dream of ours comes true! Bob Stanley of Saint Etienne, one of our favourite bands ever, and a record collector supreme will be spinning his favourite songs at Retro after the Saint Etienne gig at Babel. This makes us very very very happy. We've been big fans of the mixes, lists and articles Bob has put together and music Saint Etienne has referenced and have  discovered so many great songs that Saturday should be an epic event. Hope to see you there.

Please note that the Saint Etienne gig at Babel looks like it will have ended at around 2300 so please come early to be sure not to miss his dj-set.

So Tough! So Cute!
Guest-DJ: Bob Stanley of Saint Etienne
Saturday 21st May
Retro, Norra Skolgatan 24, Malmö
22-03 | 20kr | 18 yrs
Facebook event

14 May 2011

One Year Anniversary! Indiepop & Sixties Soul special 27th May in London

Hope you're having a fab weekend. This is just a quick note to let you know that the next night in London will mark our one year anniversary of doing the club in Stoke Newington and also the season finale as we'll take a short break over the summer to rest up and dig through as many record crates as we possibly can for a smashing return on the 26th August.

Since it's not only our anniversary but also the 25th anniversary of the C86 tape we thought we'd go back to our tweepop and indiepop roots. Expect loads of Creation, Sarah, Postcard, Subway Organization, 53rd & 3rd, K, Ron Johnson, Slumberland records band mixed up with sixties northern soul and Motown as well as the best girl-groups.

We're also going to go all in with a dress code - since it is a special occasion after all. If you have a striped or polka dotted t-shirt/dress/shirt you get a pound note off on the door.

Friday 27th May
The Drop (downstairs of the Three Crowns Pub
175 Stoke Newington High Street, N16 0LH
11pm-04am | £4/£3 with flyer or stripe/polka dot shirts | Facebook event

7 May 2011

Teenage Treats

Even punks enjoy some sunshine no and again, and we've got lots of it in Malmö today, but there's nothing really better than digging out vinyl from the crates and getting ready for a night with 3 minute bursts of pop punk love. Here's some songs we've been listening to a lot while getting ready for tonight.

2 May 2011

So Tough! So Cute! Pop Punk, Teen Beats & Teenage Kicks at Retro in Malmö

The summer's really here and it's time to come out. Time to discover what fun is about!
After the super fun grrrl fronted special it's time for the first punk special so come listen to some music, sniff some glue, dance for a bit and get a snog.

Music policy: We'll be playing '77-'81-ish UK punk, Power pop goes punk, Nuggets, Garage Pop, KBD, Proto-punk, Garage Punk revival. Sorry, no Crust or HC. We're too twee for that sort

To get an idea of what's it's all about have a listen at our punk spotify playlist or our mixtapes that feature a lot of great new bands we'll be playing.

Obligatory list of bands... Crass, Undertones, Buzzcocks, Ramones, Shivvers, Shangri-Las, GG Allin, Nerves, Outcasts, Only Ones, Slits, Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers, Saints, Link Wray, Stooges, Wire, Modern Lovers, Alternative TV, Monks, Bäddat För Trubbel, BTP Folders, Bob Seger, Nazis From Mars, Home Blitz, Consumers, Cramps, Damned, Dead Kennedys, Richard Hell & The Voidoids, Germs, Shadows Of Nights, Stiff Little Fingers, Barracudas, Swell Maps, Fresh & Onlys, Brogues, Apache Dropout, Jacuzzi Island, Wavves, White Wires, Strangeloves, Zebrassieres, Jaill, Tyvek, Puddin Pops, No Age, Silver Shampoo, Best Coast,Dum Dum Girls, Super Wild Horses, Shop Assistants, Hunx & His Punx, The Fall, Ty Segall, Times New Viking, Feeling oF Love, Nobunny, Mika Miko, Poppets, Fever B, Victims, Users, Jags, Jay Reatard, Freshies, Elvis Costello, Red Cross, Davila 666, the Clean, Desperate Bicycles, Chiffons, Devo, Creation, Velvet Undergound, Pheromoans, Gun Club...

So Tough! So Cute! - Pop Punk, Teen Beats & Teenage Kicks
Saturday 7 May
Retro, Norra Skolgatan 24, Malmö
22-03 | 20kr | 18 yrs