31 Jan 2011

The Weekend Never Ends: STSC club nights on Feb 4th and 5th

Hello, you'd think we would want to take a rest after globetrotting first to Mallorca with Male Bonding and then to London partying with Sex Beet but no; no rest for these dancing feet. The London night was particularly fun. One of our best UK nights so for. The Drop filled up quickly and was packed to the brim so yet again so sorry if you couldn't get in. Thanks to Ylwa, our guest-DJ, our fab door man, the staff and as always, dancers, we love you.

Friday 4th February we're back at Klubb Indigo at Blekingska Nation in Lund. Last time we played was super fun and it was full after just an hour so get there early!

Then on Saturday we make our big return at our old haunt Retro. We're super happy to announce that we're starting our monthly residency there so take a pen and write down on the palm of your hand: "Dance and hopefully get laid every first Saturday of the month at So Tough! So Cute! at Retro". Though maybe you shouldn't show this to a potential sparring partner.

Hope to see you on both nights!

DJs: STSC Selector
Friday 4 February
Blekingska Nation, Lund
22-02 | 40kr (50kr non-members) | Facebook event
+ Student ID or printed reciept from Studentlund


DJs: STSC Selector + Guest DJ: Mongonaut (ourfavourite.se)
Saturday 5 February
Retro, Norra Skolgatan 24, Malmö
22-03 | 20kr | 20 yrs (Mail us to be on the 18 and up guest list)

Facebook event

25 Jan 2011

Guest Mixtape 09: I Don't See Her Much Since She Started With Horses by Ylwa Skywalker

Yeeha! Let's get this party started! This Friday the 28th we have the first club night of 2011 in Stoke Newington and we're bringing over the girl with the unpronouncable name Ylwa Skywalker to play records with us. She's one of our best friends and always a top selector behind the record players. Knowing she's a big horseriding fan we asked her to put together a horse themed mixtape. She even drew us the lovely drawing! Hope you like it!

I Don't See her Much Since She Started With Horses by Ylwa Skywalker
1. Beach Fossils - The Horse
2. The Kills - Alphabet Pony
3. Motorama - Horse
4. Period Pains - Daddy I Want A Pony
5. Sebadoh - Beauty Of The Ride
6. Fea - The Day I Was A Horse
7. Charlotte Gainsbourg - Trick Pony
8. Pastels - Ride
9. Byrds - Chestnut Mare
10. Jonathan Richman - Since She Started To Ride
11. The Radio Dept. - Freddie And The Trojan Horse
12. Super Wild Horses - Super Wild Horses
13. Beat Happening - Ponytail
14. Liz Anderson - Ride, Ride, Ride
15. Jeremy Jay - Gallop
16. Rockit - Blame It On The Pony Express
17. Velvet Underground - Ride Into The Sun
18. Another Sunny Day - Horseriding
19. U2 - Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses

Alternative horsey

DJs: STSC Selector + Guest DJ: Ylwa Skywalker (Swe)
Friday 28 January
The Drop (downstairs of the Three Crowns Pub)
175 Stoke Newington High Street, N16 0LH
11pm-04am | £3 | Facebook Event

Can't make this one? Our next night is on Friday 25th February. Same tough venue, same cute club night!

18 Jan 2011

So Tough So Cute Pin Stuck In My Heart

Badges! Buttons! Pins! Available at our So Tough! So Cute! night in Stoke Newington on Friday 28th January and at our season launch in Malmö at Retro Saturday 5th February.

Thanks to Busy Beaver Button Co for ace buttons

5 Jan 2011

So Tough! So Cute! at The Drop in Stoke Newington Friday 28 January

Happy 2011! Together with our guest-DJ, the girl with the unpronounceable name, Ylwa Skywalker from Sweden, we'll start off the new year with Very Good Songs To Dance And Sing Along To in wonderful Stoke Newington. Skywalkers always wonderful dance inducing sets feature heartbreaking Northern Soul and Tamla Motown classics mixed up with Hefner, Pulp, obscure Girl-group songs that clock in at about 200bpm*, Fat Tulips, Ride and '77 punk pop anthems and songs about horses. Seriously. You just wait and see.

The So Tough! So Cute! Selector will be right beside her and give her a run for the money with some of our favourite songs of 2010 and Soul, Indie Pop and Ska anthems. There may also be buttons.

DJs: STSC Selector + Guest DJ: Ylwa Skywalker (Swe)
Friday 28 January
The Drop (downstairs of the Three Crowns Pub)
175 Stoke Newington High Street, N16 0LH
11pm-04am | £3 | Facebook Event

Can't make this one? Our next night is on Friday 25th February. Same tough venue, same cute club night.

*We apologize. We've been hanging with too many techno and house people this last month. The term BPM will never ever appear on this blog again. Promise.

2 Jan 2011

So Tough! So Cute! Favourites From 2010

So here it is! The soundtrack of our 2010 that was filled with crumpets, shows in mouldy basements, drunken club nights, swearing over shipping fees and drafty UK houses, all day breakfasts and fun fun fun! 


Best LP
Burzum - Belus (Byelobog Productions)
Best 7"
Seapony - Dreaming (Double Denim)
Best live act
Trash Kit

It's been an absolute amazing for music this year. We have discovered and bought so many new records, seen so many amazing bands and made so many new friends. According to our last.fm we listened to just over 38000 songs. Lets hope this continues in 2011. Before we get started we want to thank everyone that sent us recommendations and songs, guest-dj'd, made and listened to the mixtapes and came to our club nights. This is what we enjoyed a lot this year.

Favourite LPs

Colleen Green - 4 Loko 2 Kayla (No Label)
Burzum - Belus (Byelobog Productions)
Nobunny - First Blood (Goner Records)
Splinters - Kick (Double Negative)

Feeling Of Love - OK Judge Revival (Kill Shaman)
Tyvek - Nothing Fits (In The Red)
Bad Banana - Crushfield (No Label)

Favourite songs
Proper 2010 releases but also a few songs that haven't had a psychical release yet and the Gestapo Khazi one that was probably released earlier but Burger put it out this year

Alicja-Pop - Walking the Cow - Shining Apple 7" (Certified Pr Records)
Wild Thing - Age Difference - Age Difference 7" (Daggerman Records)
Peepholes - Lair - Lair 12" (Hungry for Power)
Tyvek - 4312 - Nothing Fits LP (In the Red)

Bad Banana - Word Buzz - Crushfield (No Label)
Seapony - Dreaming - Dreaming 7" (Double Denim)
White Wires - Pogo 'til You Puke - Pogo 'til You Puke 7" (Ugly Pop Recordings)
Silver Shampoo - Insect Eyes - (Upcoming LP)

Guinea Worms - Drunk in Yr Uggs - Sorcerers of Madness (4rd Year in a Row!) 2xLP - (Columbus Discount Records)
Funstix - Funstix Party - Split 7" (Oh Wow Dang)
Kate Ferencz - Sitting in a Tree Kissing - Clan Destine Records Vinyl Compilation (Clan Destine)
No Age - Glitter - Glitter 7" (Sub Pop)

Home Blitz - Murder in My Heart - Perpetual Night 7" (Almost Ready)
Veronica Falls - Right Side of My Brain - Upcoming LP (No Label)
Wavves - Green Eyes - King of the Beach LP (Bella Union)
Manatee - Indecision - Indecision 7" (Slumberland)

Comet Gain - I Never Happened - I Never Happened 7" (What's Your Rupture)
Pens - You Only Like Me When I Tell You I'm Wrong 7" (De Stijl)
Puddin' Pops - Totally - Party Platter LP (Florida's Dying)
Trash Kit - Cadets - Trash Kit!!! LP (Upset the Rhythm)

French Kissing - Oh Suzanne - Oh Suzanne 7" (Sleep All Day)
Jacuzzi Boys - Bricks or Coconuts - Bricks or Coconuts 7" (Mexican Summer)
Anteenagers M.c - Mike Rep is All Right - Flottante Tension D'eclipse LP (Sdz Records)
Nobunny - (Do The) Fuck Yourself - First Blood LP (Goner)

Splinters - Mysterious - Kick LP (Double Negative)
Subtle Turnhips - Can - Terd LP (In the Red)
Reading Rainbow - Wasting Time - Prism Eyes LP (Hozac)
Gestapo Khazi - Open House - Written in the Will Cs (Burger)

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Heart in Your Heartbreak 7" (Slumberland)
Colleen Green - Dance the Night Away - 4 Loko 2 Kayla (No Label)
Jameses - Caribou - Fifth Dimension 7" (Captured Tracks)
The Hobbes Fanclub - Outside Myself - Split 7" (Cloudberry)

La La Vasquez - Buoy - La La Vasquez 7" (M'lady's)
White Wires - That's the Way a Woman is - 4-way Covers Split 7" (Trouble in Mind)
Beat Mark - Breeezing ! - Beat Mark Cs (Burger)
Feeling of Love - Night Cold Dance - Ok Judge Revival (Kill Shaman)

La Femme - Sur Le Planche - (Beko Digital Single Series)
Trembling Blue Stars - Cold Colours - Fast Trains and Telegraph Wires LP (Elefant)
Fresh & Onlys - I'm Not Myself Today - Split 7" (Hardly Art)
Hunx & His Punx - Dream on (Little Dreamer) - Split (Scion A/V)

Crystals Stilts - Shake the Shackles - Shake the Shackles 7" (Slumberland)
Teenage Fanclub - Baby Lee - Shadows LP (Pema)
Las Robertas - History is Done - Cry out Loud (Art Fag)
Vaselines - Ruined - Sex with an Ex LP ()

The Limiñanas - Funeral Baby - the Limiñanas LP (Trouble in Mind)
Girlfriends - the Day I Was a Horse - Good to Be True Download (Ampeater)
Sweater Girls - Haven't Got a Clue - Do the Sweater 7" (Happy Happy Birthday to Me)
Super Wild Horses - Fifteen - Fifteen LP (Hozac)

Chain and the Gang - Not Good Enough - Music is Not for Everyone LP (K)
Edwyn Collins - Losing Sleep - Losing Sleep 7" (Heavenly)
Pierre & Bastien - RMI - Flottante Tension D'eclipse LP (Sdz Records)
Shining Twins - Stix & Stonez - Come Play With Us (No label)

Favourite re-issues

Black Tambourine - Black Tambourine + Lost Inner Ear Mixes Cassette (Slumberland)
Orange Juice - Coals To Newcastle (Domino)
Lee Perry - Sound System Scratch (Pressure Sounds)
King Tubby & Clancy Eccles - Sound System International Dub (Pressure Sounds)

Favourite splits and compilations
va - Party Platter LP (Florida's Dying)
va - 4-Way Covers Split 7" - Ty Segall, Cococoma, White Wires, Charlie & The Moonhearts (Trouble in Mind)

Favourite live bands
Trash Kit ruled supreme on any stage they occupied at the moment
Cold Puma at Bardens Boudoir
Veronica Falls at pretty much everywhere we saw them
La La Vasquez epitomises everything we imagine when Everett True writes about late 70/80s girl post-punk bands
Allo Darlin', great album but it's live where it's at
Jeffrey Lewis amazing at the Brixton Windmill and the doing Teenage Caveman at Debaser Malmö
Ariel Pink at the Lexington
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone at the Lexington
Wetdog at that caged in venue
Vaselines at Scala
Just Joans at Popfest

Crush of the year and instant dance floor starter pretty much everywhere we DJ'd
Garbo's Daughter - Private Party

Top 15 listened to artists according to last.fm during 2010
Home Blitz
Times New Viking
Beat Happening
The Fresh & Onlys
Trembling Blue Stars
The Fall
Television Personalities
Psychedelic Horseshit
La La Vasquez
Garbo's Daughter
Comet Gain
The Slits

Top 30 listened to tracks according to last.fm during 2010
Home Blitz – Is Anybody There?
Bad Banana – Word Buzz
Home Blitz – Two Steps
Times New Viking – Teenage Lust!
Trembling Blue Stars – My Face For The World To See
Apache – Crystal Clear
Grass Widow – To Where
Seapony – Dreaming
Times New Viking – Call & Respond
Tyvek – 4312
Comet Gain – I Never Happened
Trembling Blue Stars – Cold Colours
Chain And The Gang – Not Good Enough
Times New Viking – No Time, No Hope
The Liminanas – I'm Dead
Shark Toys – Stayed Up
Woollen Kits – By A Lake
La La Vasquez – Buoy
Seapony – Go Away
Christmas Island – Nineteen
Silver Shampoo – Insect Eyes
La La Vasquez – Why
Home Blitz – Murder In My Heart
Puddin' Pops – Totally
Kate Ferencz – Sitting In A Tree Kissing
The Splinters – Mysterious
Colleen Green – Green One
Girlfriends – The Day I Was A Horse
No Age – Glitter
Woollen Kits – Haircut

Most listened to track in ipod during 2010
Mika Miko – Capricorinations