6 Nov 2009

Disintegrated Girls

It's no secret that we here at the STSC office sofa are in love with lo-fi DIY recordings of girl fronted bands so we're going to treat you to our four current crushes. All of them hissy and distorted like a girl-group that you forgot to take out of your back pocket before putting your 501s in your washing machine. The Girls At DawnThe Girls At Dawn have a 7" out now on HoZac records and a 12" on Captured tracks is on the way. They are also featured on the Rough Trade Indiepop '09 compilation (will this transform C86 to RT09? Will 'Twee' become 'Rough'? Stay tuned for more info!). Anyway, the tracks are amazing and reminds us of a darker version of the Marine Girls. One word: Awesome. Tiny Microphone is Kristine of The Very Truly Yours and she has recorded songs since 2007. Like all the great bands she has released a cassette and considering the sound of her recordings it's a fitting format and we adore it. It's sounds like going through a shoebox of old cassettes and finding a worn copy of Back To Mono. Scratch that. This is the Disintegration Loops version of Back To Mono. Melodic and amazing and so wonderfully deconstructed. The Blanche Hudson Weekend are Caroline and Darren formerly of Manhattan Love Suicides and if Ride and the Shop Assistants ever had a love child it would sound like the track The Last Ride. Oh just imagine them doing a cover of Sight Of You?! We'd drop dead on the spot. The Letters To Daddy EP is out on Squirrel Records late November. Frankie Rose used to be a Vivian Girl but now has a new band whose 7" Thee Only One is out now and it's smashing. Not only does the cover remind us of Comet Gains You Can Hide Your Love Forever, which is always a great way to win our hearts, but they also list The Urinals as an influence. Now everybody knows you can't go wrong with the Urinals as an influence and while this sounds nothing like them we're still infatuated with Frankie Roses echo-laden vocals and catchy songs.

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