15 Sep 2009

26/9 The last So Tough! at Retro. Ellie Greenwich tribute and Slumberland Records special

As you've maybe heard by now, So Tough! So Cute! is moving to London. So this will be the last club night at Retro in Malmö, Sweden. Retro has from the start been a great supporter of everything we've done so many thanks to Jonathan and his wife and staff, Marcus, Oskar, StayAt hotel and everybody else who's put up with us. We'll celebrate this with playing the greatest indie pop tunes from the last few years of doing You Can't Hide Your Love Forever and So Tough! So Cute!. "But don't you always do that?" I hear you say. Yes. Yes, we do. We're just that good of a club. We'll also mark the passing of the magnificent Ellie Greenwich by playing our favourite Ellie penned songs. Ellie as you probably know, but let me just say it anyway, wrote some of the Greatest Pop Songs Ever. Be My Baby, Baby, I Love You, Then He Kissed Me, Da Doo Ron Ron, Not Too Young To Get Married, Leader of the Pack and River Deep, Mountain High. We'll be playing these and others and lift a glass of bubbly to her. How on earth can we top this? Easy, by having a Slumberland Records special. For those of you who've somehow managed to miss what Slumberland records has put out this year we recommend that you check out the following bands: Brown Recluse, Sic Alps, The Champagne Socialists, Summer Cats, Liechtenstein, Cause Co-Motion!, Bricolage, Crystal Stilts, Sexy Kids and some band called The Pains of Being Pure At Heart. Apparently they're big with the kids. But that's not all. Since 1989 they've also released legendary bands such as Aislers Set, Black Tambourine, Rocketship, Boyracer, Stereolab, Honeybunch, Dear Nora, Velocity Girl, Go Sailor and our current crush Henry's Dress. So please come and say goodbye and dance for a bit. Facebook event Oh, since everybody loves lists here are our top downloadable songs on Slumberland. Clicking the track takes you to Slumberlands discography where you can download the track and buy the record. Velocity Girl - I Don't Care If You Go Henry's dress - You Killed A Boy For Me Go Sailor - Windy Rocketship - I Love You Like The Way I Used To Do Black Tambourine - Throw Aggi Off The Bridge The Aisler Set - The Way To Market Station The Lodger - The Good Old Days Summer Cats - Let's Go Crystal Stilts - Love Is A Wave Sexy Kids - Sisters Are Forever Sic Alps - L. Mansion Bricolage - Turn U Over Any requests?


emmy said...

åh, pastel collisions "like water" vore så fint!

Daniel Novakovic said...

will do!