9 Sep 2010

Postcard Records 30th Anniversary Special

Thirty years of Postcard Records. Taste that in your mouth as if it were a mouthful of homemade risotto with a big handful of nice aged Parmesan, chanterelles and a few drops of  truffle oil. Mm-mm, awfully nice isn't it? We can't believe that those singles are thirty years old. Every time we put the records on it's like our world is turned upside down, like everything we know about pop music is rewritten, pressed and folded and presented to us in a nice Tartan wrapper. That's how fresh sounding they are. Orange Juice, Josef K, Aztec Camera and the Go-Betweens. Four bands that changed at least our world.

On Saturday, sadly our last night in Sweden for a while, we'll celebrate Postcard records and play all the singles and the one LP released as well as the bands influences, bands they influenced and solo projects by the people that stood for the sound of young Scotland and the scene in Edinburgh and Glasgow. So get your dance shoes loads of Byrds, Chic, Fire Engines, Vic Godard, Soul, Velvet Underground, Buzzcocks...

There's a million more bands so it's far from complete. Our friend Fire Escape Talking adds that we missed a few Go-Betweens connections like the Tuff Monks single, the Reason Why (anybody have this?) and the Four Gods.

22-03, Saturday 11 September
Retro, Malmö | Free | 20years (E-mail us if you're at least 18 and we'll put you on a list)
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After the break there's a few youtube clips of BBC's Caledonia Dreaming that give a nice introduction of Postcard Records and you can listen to Swedish Radios Postcard Record special and take a look at the extremely complete Postcard Records Discography


Fire Escape said...

I do have the Reason Why demos (two songs, both untitled) a band featuring Robert Forster, Geoffrey Titley of Brisbane band Tiny Town and - can't remember his first name - Wheeler (who I thought was in Tiny Town at one point, but the internet thinks differently; I'll check my records when I get home). Anyway, pre-Tiny Town band The Supports did a Queensland tour in 1978 with The Go-Betweens, and the Reason Why project developed the year after. I haven't played the demos in a decade but I remember them fondly. If anyone knows how to transfer tape to CD, they're welcome to come round to my house and digitise them.

Daniel Novakovic said...

I think Mark Flunder has the equipment needed as he's been transfering old Bi-joopiter stuff. I'd love to hear that demo