21 Jan 2010

So Tough! So Cute! in Tokyo

Unfortunately this isn't an announcement about us playing in records in Tokyo. Well not yet at least. We were invited to participate at the Up For A Bit With Twee Grrrls Club exhibition at the Commune gallery organized by the lovely Twee Grrrls Club in Japan. Other participants included Joy!, She Talks Silence, Ami_no tech, Part Time Punks, Cloudberry Records, Cassie from Vivian Girls and a few more and it was an honour to be involved in a such a cool event. We believe we're also featured in the next issue of the Twee Grrrls Club fanzine. We got our fingers on the current issue and the whole thing is a thing av pure DIY-beauty. We're sure you can get hold of a copy on their blog.

More photos from the event here

Thanks to Sumire and the rest of the girls for having us!

1 comment:

Christos said...

Daniel, I absolutely love your drawings!! They are all brilliant, xx

PS: I've got a homemade t-shirt of the FM sarah 24. I wear it with great pride:-)