17 Aug 2014

The Punk Singer & Musikhistoriens Rätta Ansikte – two events featuring Too Cute To Puke

Photo by Pat Smear
Hi, August 18th, this Monday, I, Daniel, from Too Cute To Puke will be playing records at the open air film screening of the award winning documentary The Punk Singer – A Film About Kathleen Hanna organised by Doc Lounge and The Conference by Media Evolution in collaboration with Varvsstaden, Malmö Stad and Media Evolution City Kitchen. Playing with me is Lidia Damunt, guitarist in Arre! Arre! and Malmö-based cassette and record label Tormina Records who recently released the Tormina Summer Tape vol. 1 mixtape. Together we’ll be playing a female fronted mix of Riot Grrrl, DIY, Swedish teen heartbreak queens and pop chart teens. And soul. I've come back to soul I think. Our set is at 17:00 so come, grab a beer, mingle and listen to some good music before the movie.
That event is here: Open Air Cinema by Doc Lounge & The Conference: THE PUNK SINGER - A Film About Kathleen Hanna + OLD (live) + Too Cute To Puke (DJ-set).

If you haven't seen the movie it's a marvellous look on Kathleen Hanna's life but also the Riot Grrrl movement, female musicians and the male dominated music scene.

Art by Coco Moodysson from Aldrig Godnatt

And this brings us to August 21st and Musikhistoriens Rätta Ansikte (The True Face of Music History) where I'll be participating in a panel discussion on making the music scene more gender equal. The other panelists are Lina Thomsgård (SKAP, formerly Rättviseförmedlingen), Joppe Philgren (Livemusik Sverige and Docenterna) and Canan Rosén (Tiger Bell) and we'll discuss how we, who already book gender equal, do it, how more people can contribute to an equal music industry, how the industry has looked historically and how it looks today. Moderating is Anna Edström (The Bandettes, Körkollektivet, Kulturfabriken SV Malmö). We're on between 18.00–18.45.

I have to say that I am fucking psyched to have been asked to participate and I hope I don't make a fool out of myself. I'll be there representing as someone who has been booking gender equal as a private operator in the industry as opposed to organisations.

The event also features Feminist Sweepstakes – an exhibition on women in modern music history curated by Olle Enqvist, a screening of We Are The Best by Lukas Moodysson, based on the fantastic comic Aldrig Godnatt by his wife Coco Moodysson, and a Wikipedia action event where they'll add forgotten women in music history. Follow the tag #rättawiki. And finally there will be a music video medley and music docs.

You can find that event here: Musikhistoriens Rätta Ansikte

Phew. Lots of stuff happening! If you want to keep up follow us on @toocutetopuke and if you like to patrty and live in Sweden please join our Too Cute To Puke group.

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