14 Sep 2011

De 100 Bästa Indiepopsinglarna (Någonsin) - The 100 Best Indiepop Singles (Ever) on 17th Sept at Retro in Malmö

Please note that the party starts at 21:00!

We've decided to celebrate the start of our autumn season by playing all 100 hundred songs listed in the last issue of Pop. Starting with Broder Daniel - I'll Be Gone and around 21:15 and ending with Pere Ubu - Final Solution at 3 in the morning. These are the songs that prompted us to start clubs like So Tough! So Cute!, Popscene, First Class Riot and You Can't Hide Your Love Forever. Some of the songs were hits, some not, some you may have heard before while others will be new to you but they all keep the Indiepop flame burning. Please join us as we go back through indiepop history!

It was late in 1999 the best Swedish music magazine there ever was, Pop, ended it's magnificent run and put out it's last ever issue with a sad looking Bobby Gillespie on the cover. Between a nineteen (19!) page feature with Kevin Rowland in a pink dress and interviews with a grumpy Moe Tucker, Brian Wilson, Pavement and other articles there was a chronological list of the 100 best indiepop singles (ever) put together by the Pop staff. Indiepop being defined as guitar rock released on small independent labels from 1976. It was amazing list in the eyes of a wee lad who had spent the nineties listening to, well, let's just say non-indiepop music (ok Black Metal).

We spent almost two years were spent tracking down these singles, remember, there wasn't any proper file sharing back then, and every song that we got our hands on, weather it was on a crackly vinyl or a low bitrate mp3 of a crackly vinyl, put a big smile across our face. But even before we tracked them all down a long lasting love for all things indiepop had been established almost immediately during the first read of the article because of the passionate notes that accompanied every song.

(And yes, we're going to try and play all songs from original seven inches. We have more than half of them but far from all so if you happen to have any of them please bring it with you on the night and we'll play it.)

The full list of songs is on the Facebook event
A PDF of the article in Swedish
Spotify list with 79 of the songs
Youtube list with 93 of the tracks

So Tough! So Cute! plays De 100 Bästa Indiepopsinglarna (Någonsin)
Saturday 17 September
Retro, Norra Skolgatan 24, Malmö
21-03 | 20kr | 20yrs (Email us to get on the 18yrs list)
Facebook event
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Please note that we start at 21:00!

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