29 Jul 2009

31 July: So Tough! presents Paddington DC live at Debaser

On friday we're back for another special at Debaser and this time we have an amazing band with us. Paddington Distortion Combo, or Paddington DC for short, will grace the stage at about 23. Paddington DC is one of Carl Olssons (Bear Quartet, Paper) many solo projects and you can expect an excitingly varied show as he keeps changing the direction of the music and curiously moves between electronic compositions and uptempo melancholic vocal pop. Absolutely beautiful DIY! Afterwards there will be lots of dancing to everything from The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart to Orange Juice and Supremes played by the So Tough! Sound system and in the beergarden Katja Ekman & Friends will play to those who need to grab some air (read smoke) and to snog. facebookevent

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