15 Sep 2009

More News At 11

Apparently I who run the club, Daniel Novakovic, (What? There's only one of you? But you always say "we"? Shut up) have been nominated for Djungeltrummans DJ Of The Year award. We/I don't know how this happened since we/I can't beatmix records to save our/my lives/life (Look I'll just go with "we" from now on ok?). We are of course up for a challenge so you can vote here for me. Us. Remember kids! A vote for So Tough! is a vote for indiepop! UPDATE: You have to be on the Malmö version of the page. Just adjust it on the upper left side of the page Daniel Novakovic There is a small exhibition of all the ST!SC!-posters at the record store Musik & Konst on Spångatan 5 in Malmö. If there's a poster you'd like just ask the person behind the counter which one you'd like and if we have a spare of it's yours. You can always see all the posters either by scrolling down or more conveniently see them at www.danielnovakovic.com We'll be playing a short set at Don't Die On My Doorstep on September 19 at På Besök on Nobelvägen. So please come by and see if we can't get a dance floor started. We'll be doing a vinyl only set so requests will be limited. Facebook event Pastels So Tough So Cute Daniel Novakovic Teenage Fanclub And finally we have to mention one of the proudest moments we've had since we started with this "DJ"-business. We played on the Pastels/Tenniscoats and Veronica Falls gig at Bush Hall. A magnificent evening put on by Twee As Fuck. Veronica Falls really impressed us and we can't wait until the release something. And hopefully decide to release those Sexy Kids tracks that seem to be in limbo at the moment as well. Then the Pastels/Tenniscoats came on and it was magic. They started of with a dreamy instrumental and just stayed in this dreamy state for the rest of the show. We didn't really what to expect since we didn't get our pre-ordered copy of the album until after the show and hadn't listened to any of the song, but wow. This was so great. Highlight was of course Baby Honey which was a noisy eight minute beast of a song. Amazing. After the show we went a bit fanboy and the result is that photo with Gerry Love of Teenage Fanclub and Stephen Pastel. Stephen was also very kind to lend us his headphones.

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