15 Dec 2009

Standard Fare

Important announcement: We are deeply and madly in love with Standard Fare from Sheffield and especially the tracks Philadelphia and A Night With A Friend. Emmas voice totally blows our minds while Danny has this weightless voice we absolutely adore and the songs are made for mad pogoing on the dance floor (Yes, you can bet your arse that we'll be playing this at the next So Tough! So Cute! and Baby Honey nights).

The A Layer Of Chips blog has written a nice write-up of the coming album The Noyelle Beat where you can download A Night With A Friend which has apparently been retitled Nuit Avec Une Amie. It's not out until march 2010 but you can order their singles and the split with Slow Down Tallahassee from Thee SPC and also download their christmas song Tinsel Politics for free.

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