16 Feb 2010

You got a haircut! I got a haircut!


We thought that including Woollen Kits on the last mixtape would be good enough but when the 7" dropped down in the mailbox (actually the mailman knocked and we had to run down to open the door) we were reminded of what a great record this is. From Melbourne come these four songs that capture pretty much everything you remember about being a kid in the summer; staying out all day, drawing comics and falling instantaneously in love by the swings and make out behind the bike shed. And then break up the day after.

The Beat Happening comparisons are unavoidable but there is something with the innocense of Woollen Kits that makes the songs stand on their own. Haircut is pure joy and is probably our favourite track on the lovely screenprinted and hand stamped record. You should buy it at the Periodic Collective shop and play it at a drunken picnic between the McTells - Push and Monks - Boys Are Boys And Girls Are Choice.

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