12 Apr 2010

Guest Mixtape 02: Mandy of Garbo's Daughter

Have we got a treat for you! Mandy of Garbo's Daughter sent us an amazing mixtape, perfect for picnics under blossoming cherry trees with a basket full of cold beer. Lots of cold beer. Ever since Garbo's Daughter released a brigthly colored cassette on Burger records last year we've been madly in love with them. Perfectly crafted pop songs like He Makes My Heart Go POP!, I Only Have Eyes For You and the dancefloor filler Private Party have been included on basically every mixtape and club night we've done this year. So if you ever wondered what it felt like really kissing somebody now you can find out.

So Tough! So Cute!: Mixtape by Mandy of Garbo's Daughter
1. Rock Candy Mountain - Sweet Magic
2. Val McKenna - Baby Do It
3. Thee Makeout Party - 2 EZ 2 LUV U
4. Ellie Greenwich - Cha Cha Charming
5. Beathoven - Shy Girl
6. Joy Lovejoy - In Orbit
7. Bilbo Baggins - Hold Me
8. The Prettyboys - I Wanna Make You Mine
9. Twinkle - Caroline
10. The Breakaways - That Boy Of Mine
11. Roddie Joy - Love Hit Me with a Wallop
12. 20/20 - Under the Freeway
13. Solid Gold Band - All You Gotta Do
14. Karol Keyes - One in a Million
15. The Shangri-Las - Footsteps on the Roof
16. The Little Girls - Crush on You
17. Dolly Mixture - Will He Kiss Me Tonight


The Garbo's Daughter - Goes POP! cassette can be bought at Burger Records
(artwork by Mandy)


Helena said...

Ja! en ny mixtape, vad glad jag blir.

Visste inte att gregory hade varit där också, kul. Har en väldigt kär relation till "untidy towns" skitsnygga skivomslag för övrigt.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding! Any mix with both Ellie Grrrrrrreenwich and Dolly Mixture deserves a shiny gold star sticker!