22 Apr 2010

Mixtape: Somewhere New

Somewhere new indeed! We just got a new So Tough! So Cute! club night booked on thursday May 27th! Our new venue will be the Drop, downstairs of the Three Crowns pub right on Stoke Newington High Street. Set your calenders or join the Facebook group and we'll be back after the weekend with all the details. Right now we're off to the airport to fly to the Stockholm Small Press Expo and sign our book which should be out in shops now and to play at the lovely Falling & Laughing club at Debaser Medis on Saturday. This is what we filled up our music listening device with. As always, if you like a track go buy it.

Somewhere New
1. Jacuzzi Boys - Bricks Or Coconuts
2. Apache - Crystal Clear
3. The Fall - Bound
4. Clorox Girls - Le Banana Split
5. The Yolks - Somewhere New
6. Harlem - Caroline
7. Maggots - (Let's Get, Let's Get) Tammy Wynette
8. Avocado Baby - Caffeine Sleaze
9. The Laughing Apple - Chips For Tea
10. The Liminanas - I'm Dead
11. So Cow - Casablanca
12. Hanoi Janes - Back For The Summer
13. Brilliant Colors - Kissing's Easy
14. Rough Bunnies - Dance With Your Shadow
15. Sneaky Pinks - I Can't Wait
16. Home Blitz - Murder In My Heart
17. Girlfriends - The Day I Was A Horse

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