29 Jul 2010

Guest Mixtape 04: I Ain't Saying I'm A Genius, But 2+2 Is On My Mind by The Mongonaut

Only a few hours away before the first Pop Punk Love is about to start and what shows up in the mailbox if not a spanking new mixtape by the magnificent Mongonaut! And what a mixtape it is! Buffy samples and JC himself!

We've known the Mongonaut since we first started buying our first punk 7-inches and we have - basically since then -  tried to get him to come play records for us. But no, he's always been busy with reminding the kids that politics is always pigshit and fighting in parks but most importantly digging through crates and writing about Pop Punk and Love (Well, l-u-v the Mongonaut Way, but still love) for the Swedish blog Our Favourite, which you should check out if you've enjoyed what we've been doing with this blog and mixtapes this last year.

But earlier this year something happened, behind a bearded smile the Mongonaut muttered a "well, alright then " and so we're very happy to say that he will finally join us behind the decks. So come on down to the club and in the meantime enjoy this ace mixtape!

I Ain't Saying I'm A Genius, But 2+2 Is On My Mind

1. Ulrike M rules the skool
2. God: My Pal
3. You're the ultimate degenerate
4. Ty Segall: 2+2
5. Taking polaroids of JC
6. Anteenagers MC: Mike Rep is all right
7. Vettig eller dreggig?
8. Outdoorsmen: Decapitated
9. That sounds like fun
10. The Field Mice: September's not that far away
11. Kasbian is a lot like the England team
12. Shadows of Knigh: Shake
13. Vivian Girls are sick of a lot of things
14. Home Blitz: Murder in my heart
15. Mick Jagger hates the police
16. The Gizmos: Kiss of the rat
17. Everyone's too stoopid!
18. Clinic: Monkey on your back
19. Fucks as a shark
20. Tronics: Shark fucks
21. Picking up girls made easy
22. Garbo's Daughter: Nice girls don't explode
23. The only bull in the field
24. Guinea Worms: Drunk in your uggs
25. Mr Mongonaut don't give a shit what you think
26. Feeling of Love: Waiting For The Cheerleaders To Get Drunk

Alternative download

Pop Punk Love festivalAll days are free but donations will thankfully be accepted for the bands on Sunday

Day One

Friday 30 July, 21:30-01 at Tempo Bar & Kök
Top tunes selected by So Tough! So Cute! Skipping rope between everything from '77 Punk and Postcard records to DIY cassettes and Ska at our favourite hang out Tempo

Day Two

Saturday 31 July, 22-04 at Retro
So Tough! So Cute! Indiedisco with The Mongonaut (GBG)
Finally! We've been trying to get the Mongonaut to come play for us for the last few years. He's a hairy but tender man of excellent taste and a nose for the obscure so expect lots and lots of 60's Teen punk, Rock & Roll, The Fall, Girl Groups, Garage Punk Revival, Doo wop, DIY and the Fall and all your favourite indiepop records. The Mongonaut writes on the Swedish blog Our Favourite www.ourfavourite.se

Day Three
Sunday 1 Aug, 12-17 at På Besök *NEW TIME!*
Bands are on from about 13.00Live:
Allo Darlin' (UK)
The Smittens (US)
Moustache Of Insanity (UK)
Nils Folke Valdermar

Jumping Fences

We're absolutely delighted to put on one of the happiest and most party bands we've seen on a stage. Allo Darlin' is what you would say the Bees Knees and they put on an amazing show weather it's at the tiny Social or the London Popfest

The Smittens are superb American Twee Pop Band who wear their DIY-badge proudly on their sleeves. They have played their super catchy pop songs on every Popfest in the world and we're very excited to put them on here in Malmö.

Moustache Of Insanity
Super hyper indiepunk in the vein of Teen Anthems and My Darling YOU! filtered through a gang of teen school girls smoking and spitting after boys with bad haircuts on the schoolyard. 

Nils Folke Valdemar was the first artist we ever put on at You Can't Hide Your Love Forever under he's old moniker Let's Be Honey. His punky and folky popsongs sound like Patrik Fitzgerald taking it easy by drinking Folköl (Peoples beer)

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