7 Aug 2010

Guest Mixtape 05: This Many Girlfriends Club by Sumire of the Twee Grrrls Club in Tokyo

It's time we had some proper twee back on this site don't you think? One can only take so many beach cravin' dope smokin' lo-fi garage bands and post-punk trios ya know what I'm sayin'. So who better to sort this mess out than the sweet Sumire of Tokyos Twee Grrrls club.
Sumire seems to be a restless girl as she's kept herself busy this year visiting and DJ-ing at indie pop events all over the world and back home she and six other grrrls do the Twee Grrrls Club as well as create fanzines, exhibitions, cassette mixtapes and just about everything else that has connections to the UK DIY scene. One bright and shiny day we hope to be able to visit and play the Twee Grrrls Club but in the meantime here's Sumires mixtape to brighten our day.

This Many Girlfriends Club
The Eternal Summers - Able To
Annie & The Aeroplanes - A Million Zillion Miles
The Blanche Hudson Weekend - Let Me Go
Bubblegum Splash! - Plastic Smile
Betty And The Werewolves - Paper Thin
Strawberry Story - Pushbutton Head
The Heaters - Oh
They Go Boom!! - Take Me To The End Of The World
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Lost Saint
The Hit Parade - Crying
Magic Bullets - Lying Around
Shocking Stocking - Red China
Procedure Club - Vermont ll
Love Child - Ponytail
Internet Forever - Break Bones

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L said...

Thanks - great lineup. Looks very promising.