27 Aug 2010

Mixtape: No One Needs To Know

Summer's almost over and school is in! What better to impress you new classmates with than a synth and punky new mixtape? We've got tracks that'll make the teachers keep an extra eye on you and the principal call you up to his office. But what do you care? You're sixteen, you've got your tongue firmly placed in your cheek and your two fingers in a permanent up yours-mode and you sleep with your Crass singles and Spectors' Back To Mono box under your pillow. So enjoy this tape, there are some great sounds so play it loud, and please go buy the records or tapes and go see the bands.

1. Unit 3 with Venus - Beer
2. Colleen Green - Green One
3. First Base - She's Boy Crazy
4. Susan Rafey - The Big Hurt
5. Mutating Meltdown - Fantasy
6. Pens - You Only Like Me When I Tell You I'm Wrong
7. Times New Viking - No Time, No Hope
8. Trailblazer - Mallard
9. Commercials - Speeds The Time
10. Husband - Slow Motion
11. Sexual Harrassment - If I Gave You A Party
12. Quintron - Dirt Bag Fever
13. Broken Spells - Power Blinker
14. Beat Mark - Breeezing!
15. Comet Gain - I Never Happened
16. Wonderful Fellowship - Save The Kids
17. The Jameses - Rat People
18. Destroyer - No One Needs To Know

Download (mirror)


martin said...

wonderful mixtape <3

could you next time please tagg the mp3 files right to the compilation? it's always so much extra work when importing to itunes. everybody will be happy ;)


Daniel Novakovic said...

Glad you liked it Martin. As a tag needy guy myself I'm a bit curious to what you're missing in the tags. They have artist, title, track and album/release when I know where they're from and as much album covers and year of release info as I can find. What else do you need?