3 Sep 2010

Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard + Sockpuppets at Debaser on Thursday 9th September

A big thanks to Jonas and Sebban who played at our Belle & Sebastian vs Northern Soul night. Really good fun at the quite marvelous venue Rex. Thanks to everyone who showed up despite the late change of venue.

On Saturday you'll find us behind the decks at our favourite hangout Tempo Bar & Kök where we'll be playing between 22-01. Please come down and chat with us and for the love of [insert deity of your choice] try the Southern Tier Harvest Ale. Soooo good.

Right, now to the fun bit. We're extremely happy to present the amazing Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard at Debaser Malmö. With his witty onstage banter and his heart proudly worn on his sleeve Jeffrey is one of the most fun live acts we've seen on a stage. Their show at the Brixton Windmill a few months back was so much fun. Rooted in folk punk but with a keen eye to Jonathan Richman and the early UK punk scene (which according to his brilliant "The History Of Punk On Lower Eastside 1950-1979" track ripped of the US punk scene) he's been putting out one great record after another.

We also have the lovely Sockpuppets from Copenhagen A band with influences from girlfronted US noisepop bands likely to be found at a slumbering label near you. We really look forward seeing them a big stage.

As if that wasn't enough we have String Bean Jen of Colour Me Pop! from Chicago by way of London and and Roque of Cloudberry Records from Miami as guest DJ's. Bringing these two together is like combining your favourite Transformers into one big Tweebot.

As usual the STSC Sound System will be playing lots of obscure and not so obscure indiepop, soul, post-punk, girl-groups, ska and bands with Coast, Beach and lots of 'vv's in their bandnames.


DJs. String Bean Jen (US)+Roque Cloudberry (US)
Thursday 9 September
Debaser Malmö
21-03 | 90kr (Free after the gigs) | 18yrs (20 after the gigs)
Facebook event

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