29 Sep 2010

So Tough! So Cute! goes monthly in London!

Good news, everyone! We're very happy to announce that So Tough So Cute will become a recurring monthly club night in London!

Before we go into details we want to thank everybody again that came down last Friday and also all of you spreading our mixtapes and tweets and letting us guest-DJ at your clubs. THANK YOU for making this possible!

So here goes. We'll be doing the last Friday of every month at the Drop in Stoke Newington starting November 26th. We'll skip the December holidays and then be back at January 28th and keep it going every month. So excited about the coming year! We will have guest-DJs from both UK and Sweden joining us behind the decks and together with you we'll put on the bestest dance party night. Hope you'll join us on this journey and help us spread the word.

Until we draw the flyers and do proper invites please add us on Facebook - as a friend or join the group, Twitter and most importantly subscribe or bookmark this Blog or our Tumblr as we have a bunch of exciting mixtapes coming up. We also have our continually updated Spotify Playlist.

And what about Sweden? Don't worry, we'll still be doing our regular night there!

(The comic is from the superb One Hundred Demons by Lynda Barry)


Nik said...

What time does the night finish? I pretty much only have one thing in my diary for November and that's on the 26th annoyingly.

Daniel Novakovic said...

Think we'll be on from 22/23 to 4 like last time!