14 Dec 2010

Bookmarks and RSS updates

Hey, you may have noticed that our latest mix went down yesterday because Blogger got a complaint. Instead of the copyright holder contacting us and asking us to remove his track, which we happily would have, them filing a complaint caused Blogger to take down the entire post. Fair enough as those are the rules, but what bugs us about having the entire mix taken down is that a lot of these artist actually thanked us putting them on the mix and retweeted and help spread the word themselves. It quite frankly sucks as we're trying to promote music we really really like with others, who will also hopefully continue to support these artists buy buying records, mp3s and merch and going to gigs.

Anyhoo. Instead of realising too late that we should have created a back-up should Blogger decide to delete us, we've actually already done so if that should happen everything will be transferred to a new providerrr.... Okay, this is  just sounding silly. Look if this blog goes down we're moving to wordpress is what we're trying to say

Please change your bookmarks to www.sotoughsocute.com and please change your RSS-subscription to feeds.feedburner.com/sotoughsocute or press this fancy button. Mmm fancy button... press it...

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This way, should the blog go down you won't notice anything except us being totally inept at getting the other blog design to look even remotely good.

The photo is from the book Mix Tape: The Art of Cassette Culture edited by Thurston Moore. Painting is by Tom Sachs and we have no idea who took the photo. 

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