21 Dec 2010

Guest Mixtape 08: So Tuff BRGR by Burger Records

"What are you doing here? This is a private girls only party!" from Garbo's Daughters debut cassette was the first we heard from Burger Records from Fullerton California. This was in January and since then we've been hooked - hooked like the Unpopular Boy getting hooked on nicotine just to get inside Popular Girl Who Sits And Smokes At The Bus Stop skinny jeans  - so we quickly ordered a bunch a tapes and started digging backwards and forwards through their catalogue, falling in love with Jaill, Apache, Audacity, Nobunny and Fever B whose song Pop Punk Love we even named our three day popfest after.

Sean and Lee described Burger Records as being "a rock n roll philanthropic quasi-religious borderline-cultish propaganda spreading group of suburban perma-teen mutants." and we can't really argue with that. And since our goal with these mixtapes is to spread the gospel and we really can't think of any other labels whose releases we've listened as much to this year we figured it's only fitting that we let the guys'n'gals at Burger do our last guest mixtape for 2010.

Hope you like it and if you do please head over to http://burgerrecords.webs.com/ and order a bunch of tapes and records and those awesome super sized I'm A Burger Girl/Boy-badges. We've been wearing ours since we got them and our love life hasn't been the same since! Also take a look at the Burger Facebook page as they put on awesome shows and movie nights all the time. Thanks guys for a great mixtape!

So Tuff BRGR by Burger Records
1. Davila 666 - Callejón
2. Miss Chain And The Broken Heels - Rollercoaster
3. Jaill - The Biggest Nugget Of Them All
4. The Pizazz - Ocean Liner
5. Fever B - Punk Pop Love
6. Gestapo Khazi - Open House
7. Cum Stain - Bachelor's Life
8. Todd Congelliere - Carlow Rd
9. Apache - Outside
10. Bad Sports - Why Say Don't
11. Audacity - Power Drowning
12. Cosmonauts - Neon Kids
13. Bombon - La Playa
14. Cleaners From Venus - Wivenhow Bells II
15. Bare Wires - Young Love
16. Dwight Twilley - Ten Times
17. Mmoss - Hedge Creeper
18. The Resonars - Riding Backwards
19. Nobunny - Monster Kiss
20. White Night - Dogface
21. Clive Tanaka Y Su Orquesta - Neu Chicago
22. Conspiracy Of Owls - A Silver Song

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Anonymous said...

we forgot some essential burger bands on this mix. looks like we gotta do volume 2!
xoxo, BRGR

Daniel Novakovic said...

I think that's a great idea!