31 Jan 2011

The Weekend Never Ends: STSC club nights on Feb 4th and 5th

Hello, you'd think we would want to take a rest after globetrotting first to Mallorca with Male Bonding and then to London partying with Sex Beet but no; no rest for these dancing feet. The London night was particularly fun. One of our best UK nights so for. The Drop filled up quickly and was packed to the brim so yet again so sorry if you couldn't get in. Thanks to Ylwa, our guest-DJ, our fab door man, the staff and as always, dancers, we love you.

Friday 4th February we're back at Klubb Indigo at Blekingska Nation in Lund. Last time we played was super fun and it was full after just an hour so get there early!

Then on Saturday we make our big return at our old haunt Retro. We're super happy to announce that we're starting our monthly residency there so take a pen and write down on the palm of your hand: "Dance and hopefully get laid every first Saturday of the month at So Tough! So Cute! at Retro". Though maybe you shouldn't show this to a potential sparring partner.

Hope to see you on both nights!

DJs: STSC Selector
Friday 4 February
Blekingska Nation, Lund
22-02 | 40kr (50kr non-members) | Facebook event
+ Student ID or printed reciept from Studentlund


DJs: STSC Selector + Guest DJ: Mongonaut (ourfavourite.se)
Saturday 5 February
Retro, Norra Skolgatan 24, Malmö
22-03 | 20kr | 20 yrs (Mail us to be on the 18 and up guest list)

Facebook event

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