16 Mar 2011

Too Cute To Puke #04 at Tempo Bar & Kök on Saturday 19th March

Too Cute To Puke is back at Tempo on Saturday to show the world that girls invented punk rock and not England. We've got a bunch of new stuff like Brave Irene on Slumberland, which is Rose Melbergs new band project. You might recognize her from Softies, Tiger Trap and Go Sailor. New and pretty awesome Fear Of Men on Sex Is Disgusting, Those Darlins aka Funstix, Help Stamp Out Loneliness from their debut LP and  Garbo's Daughter who is back with the Spin And Melt 7" on Surfin' Ki.

Other must plays include Morgan & The Organ Donors, Action Pact, The Pinups... we got a re-crush on early the Donnas so we'll play some of that. LiliPUT of course. By the way, don't miss Jenny Woolworths three part interview with Kleenex/LiliPUT. We found a few tracks featuring Heather of Beat Happening that we're going to play as well as some great tracks off Calvin Johnsons "We Will Bury You Female New Wave Punk 1977-'82" mixtape.

Finally managed to hunt down Coasting and Bette Davis & The Balconettes 7" so those will be spinning. Internet Forever which we totally missed the first time round. Glass Torpedoes,  Anorexia, Rondelles, 45 Grave,  uhm.. oh yeah the Swedish punk girls Kizza Ping which we're blatantly going to steal from the great Gunilla mixtapes blog.

All this great girl fronted music plus beer, cheese and sourdough bread with fennel.What could be better?

Too Cute To Puke
Tempo Bar & Kök, Malmö Sweden
Saturday 19 March | 22-01 | Free


Ray said...

Is this poster a Liliput reference??

sassy kristy said...

aww hee tres cute!!! liliput yahyahyah