14 Apr 2011

Guest Mixtape 12: So Tough Mix by Luke of Sex Beet

He's got the hits! Our friend Luke of the mighty and notorious Sex Beet turned out to have quite an exquisite taste in music when he last visited the snowy lands of Sweden. So naturally we asked him to do a mixtape for us. And then the months went by. Winter turned into spring. Spring turned back into winter (this is Sweden we're talking about). Winter turned into this wet sludgy wasteland and then finally: S-P-R-I-N-G! With it came a mixtape filled with lo-fi garage punk that made us super happy and made us run to the closest park with a six pack of peoples beer* shouting "where's the party at?!".

While we were freezing our arses off Luke and his merry gang of thugs came up the great PNK SLM blog promoting and ranting about bands your new hipster boyfriend is too stupid to know about and putting on bands at the Old Blue Last. Next night is on Friday, so get pissed and see Brown Brogues and the darling Jerry Tropicano - now sporting a full band, a full moustache and a violin.

So Tough Mix by Luke of Sex Beet
Satans Rats - You Make Me Sick
Lovvers - Society Jam
Reatards - Fashion Victim
Soledad Brothers - I-75 Boogie
Black Time - Downtown 
Swampmeat - Brand New Cadillac
The Beets - Floating
Shannon & The Clams - Sleep Talk
Castillians - Tonight
The Babies - Meet Me In The City
Cheveu - Lola Langusta
The Hipshakes - Not Like I've Had Before
Red Kross - Annette's Got the Hits 
The Barbaras - Summertime Road
Davila 666 - Alverez
Billy and the Kids - Say You Love Me
Black Mekon - You Are My Cunt 
Ty Segall - It #1
Jeff The Brotherhood - Bone Jam 
Coachwhips - Ringing The Chowbell 
Estrogen Highs - The World Has Problems Too
Gories - Give Me Some Money 
The Germs - What We Do Is Secret
Dead Moon - Can't Help Falling in Love

Get it here

*Official national drink of Sweden
Photo knicked off the PNK SLM blog

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