21 May 2011

Mixtape: Jumped On The Tube Just To See You

So yeah, we had a bit of a break from putting together mixtapes - life, work and beers in the sun got in the way - but today we're back with a selection of amazing records that have been piling up by our decks. Lots of neat songs fit for commuting teenage delinquents in love with pop, punk, bleeding knees and uhm.. holding hands.

Our favourite track of the bunch is probably Bleached who are the Clavin sisters from Mika Miko. No Friend Of Mine just knocks our socks off every time we put it on. The Bass Drum Of Death track has also been going on repeat at Casa de So Tough.

Hope you like the mix and if you like what you hear please go and buy the records or go to some shows.

Jumped On The Tube Just To See You
The Pastels - (Your Love) Paint It!
Bleached - No Friend Of Mine
The Numbers - Rules Of Love
The Monster Women - Running Man
Chalk Circle - Uneasy Friend
Jungle Fever - Cryin' Blood
Bad Banana - Cry About It
White Fence - And By Always
Mantles - Raspberry Thighs
Cool Moms - Fuck You Dude
Wax Idols - All Too Human
No Age - Here Should Be My Home
Hissyfit - Scrunchie
The Donnas - Teenage Runaway
Bleeding Knees Club - Have Fun
Puberty - Parties
Remains - Heart
Mcdonalds - Good Parts
Coasting - Kids
Morris And The Minors - Emily
!Action Pact! - London Bouncers
Bass Drum Of Death - Get Found
Romantics - What I Like About You
Wynonie Harris - Bloodshot Eyes
Castillians - Lover's Call
Teenage Head - You're Tearin' Me Apart

Here we go
Here we go again

Also, it would be super awesome if you followed us to the new So Tough! So Cute! page as the previous group will be archived soon. Where's the party at? 21st May at Retro in Malmö and 27th May with our c86 & one year anniversary special in Stoke Newington

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