1 Jun 2011

Mixtape: Your Daddy Said You Shouldn't Stay Out Late

Yup, we've got another one up! And oh what a scorcher this time. We start of with two absolutely amazing covers by Seapony and Davila 666 and then we run through some of the sweetest tracks of the year so far. So many great songs. You should go and buy them all. Really. But if you need to pick just one, we'd probably recommend getting the Apache Droput LP. And the Real Numbers 7". And the Fear Of Men Cassette, the amazing Dottie Campbell track that Bob Stanley played at our night, aaaand... ah screw it, go catch 'em all!

Your Daddy Said You Shouldn't Stay Out Late
Seapony - Emma's House)
Davila 666 - Hanging On The Telephone
Peach Kelli Pop - Do The Eggroll
Internet Forever - Cover The Walls
Protex - Don't Ring Me Up
Dottie Campbell - He's About A Mover
The Feeling Of Love - Funk Police
Terry Malts - Distracted
Bitch School - Record Shop
Real Numbers - Tear It In Two
Remod - Gaygirls Dance
Nico's Bike - Angel Trigonometry
Calvin Johnson - Rabbit Blood
Thee Oh Sees - I Need Seed
Sex Beet - Alone
Crystal Swells - Waco, Wasilla, Waikiki
The A-Lines - Agitated
Fear Of Men - Phantom Limb
Emily's Sassy Lime - Teenage Superstar
Lord Creator - Don't Stay Out Late
The Honey Dos - Get High
Timse New Viking - Fuck Her Tears
Apache Dropout - Teenager
Vivian Girls - I Won't Be Long
The Wasps - Teenage Treats
Black Sunday - Can't Keep My Hands Off You

Get your teenage treats
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