23 Jun 2011

So Tough! So Cute! ♥ Broder Daniel special at Retro Malmö 2nd July

Every now and again we put on a record at our nights in the UK that gets half the crowd screaming in joy and leaves the other half standing baffled to the side looking at ensuing chaos on the dance floor. It's a very fun and strange phenomenon and tends to happen during the last hour of the night*. The record is Underground by Broder Daniel, the people dancing are Swedes and the ones to the side are Londoners. You can see this happen at the London Popfest last year about 1 minute in.

*May or may not have something to do with the DJs level of sobriety.

We find it hard to explain what made Broder Daniel one of the best bends in Sweden. Barely able to play their instruments or sing they managed with their distorted guitar noises and lyrics to deal with teenage angst, growing up and everything just being so... oh god. I'm not really writing this crap am I?

Broder Daniel is about going to a dance, not getting friends, falling in love with a girl that has a boyfriend, getting her for a while and then not being able to stand her anymore. And being Luke Skywalker. Oh Yeah yeah yeah. Oh wow wow wow.

So Tough! So Cute!  Broder Daniel

Saturday 2nd July
Retro, Norra Skolgatan 24, Malmö
22-03 | 20kr | 20yrs (Email us to get on the under 20yrs list)
Dresscode: Black, White, Stars
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