14 Jul 2011

Mixtape: Another Pint, Another Cigarette

Here we go. Another mixtape with faboulous tracks, old and new and in some cases not even released yet. We're particularly keen on the Coathangers and Dear Marje and the fucking amazing Chills cover by Fear of Men. It's out later this year on a Volar. Let's hope it's Chills tribute. Our favourite grumpy Arab Straper is back with a great album and those Lo-Fi jerkheads and Acid Baby Jesus songs are amazing. Both out on Slovenly. And then some punk and noisy clatter like Petty Crime, a Wire demo and Disturbed Furniture which we discovered recently via the Gunilla Mixtapes. Also one of our favourite and most treasured singles: Sara Goes Pop. They were a superb side project to the Homosexuals. Really good. Hope you enjoy it at go see the bands and do buy the 7" and cassettes.

Another Pint, Another Cigarette
1. The Lo-Fi Jerkheads - In Your Stereo
2. Beaters - New Rose
3. Disturbed Furniture - Information
4. Acid Baby Jesus - Hospitals
5. Servotron - Pet Machine
6. Coathangers - Trailer Park Boneyard
7. Mambo Taxi - Kiss Kiss Kiss
8. Auntie Pus - Marmalade Freak
9. Fear Of Men - Pink Frost
10. Grass Widow - Mannequin
11. Petty Crime - Curse Of Boredom
12. Wire - Love Ain't Polite (Demo)
13. The Babies - Breakin The Law
14. Bill Wells & Adian Moffat - Glasgow Jubilee
15. Eddy Current Suppression Ring - We Got The Beat
16. Country Teasers - Independant Mail Guardian (Success)
17. Sara Goes Pop - Sexy Terrorist
18. UV Race - Low
19. Petticoats - Allergy
20. P.S. Eliot - Broken Record
21. Shirkers - Drunk and Disorderly
22. Dear Marje - Awkward Date

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