21 Aug 2011

Guest Mixtape 13: Breakout A-Town by Jaspin of Hissyfit

A while back, straight outta Auckland, New Zealand, came Hissyfit and won our hearts over with the track Scrunchie that melted together all the best parts from Riot Grrrl and sixties girl-groups and gave you a sugar rush that kept you doing laps in your living room.

We asked Jaspin to put together a mixtape for us and ooh baby... this mix will make you want to drink beer and dance yourself silly any day of the week. Like now. Mmm beer.

Hissyfit have a split with Neonates called Pillow Talk which should be out any minute on Effeminate. There's a split tape with Bacteria Ridden Sister and the Playdate EP - which we can't wait to pick up at the post office on Friday in London. There are a couple of free tracks you can get from the Hissyfit last.fm and you can get in touch with Jaspin on iwearascrunchieBUNNYgmail.com to get physical copies or just say how amazing they are. Scrunchie!

Breakout A-town
1. Club Tango - Get The Picture
2. Chalk Circle - Uneasy Friend
3. Hatchet Wound - Die Disco
4. Cool Rays - Diary Of You
5. Occult Chemistry - Fire
6. Algebra Suicide - Let’s Transact
7. Chicks On Speed - Lush Life / Oh
8. Free Kitten - Call Back (Episode XXJ)
9. The Frumpies - She's A Real Cutie Pie
10. Marine Girls - That Fink. Jazz-Me-Blues Boy
11. Mambo Taxi - Poems On The Underground
12. Julie Ruin - Breakout A-Town
13. The Tammys - What's So Sweet About Sweet Sixteen
14. Grass Widow - Time Could Bend
15. The Spells - Antarctica
16. Wanda's - Angst
17. Weird Tv - Sufrir
18. Blatz - Nausea
19. Mary Timony - In The Grass
20. Chin Chin - Desires Only

Get it here
or here

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