14 Nov 2011

Guest Mixtape 15: Babyface by Skinny Girl Diet

We might as well tell you now despite ruining the surprise for you when we post our summary of the year but Skinny Girl Diets '14-16-18' is on our top tracks of the year list. There's no doubt about it. This is the sound of our world. This is what we hope to find every single time we listen to a new song from a new band. Old bands as well actually. The sounds Delilah and Ursula Holliday together with Amelia Cutler make in Skinny Girl Diet grabs us by the hair and headbutts our teeth in in slow motion whilst playing the Pop Group & The Slits split out of boom box in the adjoining room. On tape. With dying batteries.

No idea when they are going to release something proper but you'll find a couple of tracks on soundcloud as well as on myspace(?!)

You also better go see them on 17th November at Power Lunches in London with Anguish Sandwich and Humousexual -  another fave here at the So Tough! So Cute! office.

Now go get the Babyface mixtape they did for us

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