5 Dec 2011

You Are The Light By Which I Travel

Yes, oh bloody hell yes, we're going to Finland! Home of vodka, great films and of course one of the truest and most evil Black metal bands ever: Impaled Nazarene. God we love the Ugra Karma LP.

Anyway, where were we? Oh yes, we've been invited to play records at You Are The Light in Helsinki Finland. As you might recall Astro-Sofia played ST!SC! in London in October - such a great set - and now it's our turn to return the favour. We've been looking forward to this immensly these last few weeks and already have the records packed, passport renewed, shirts pressed and brogues polished.. It's going to be amazing. As the nights theme is Girl-groups we'll bring plenty of girltastic and ye-ye records with us! See you all on Friday!

Oh we're gonna play a few tracks at the Indian Summer vintage store earlier the same day.

You Are The Light - Christmas Girl Group Special
Friday 9th December
Helmi, Eerikinkatu 14, Helsinki
23-04 | Free
Facebook event

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