5 Mar 2012

Slumberland Records Special at So Tough! So Cute! Malmö

Noise Pop don't stop! Yes! It's time to celebrate one of our favourite labels - Slumberland records! They've released so many great bands and records since the start in 1989 that it's, quite frankly, getting ridiculous. It is also starting to take up a lot of shelf space. From Henry's Dress and Back Tambourine to Frankie Rose via Ailers Set, Softies, Terry Malts, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and so many more. It'll be an absolute pleasure to try and play at least one track by every artist on the label. We want you to help us so let us know what your favourite track is by a Slumberland artist!

Update: Hipsters, Scenesters, Teenstars and Fakers - A Slumberland Spotify playlist

So Tough! So Cute! Slumberland Records Special
Saturday 10 March
Retro, Norra Skolgatan 24, Malmö
22-03 | 20kr | 20yrs (Email us to get on the 18yrs list)
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