19 Jul 2012

Too Cute To Puke #15 - Weekend Dreams

Listen up! We know you're busy doing nothing but hanging on the beach, eating ice cream and drinking rosé but we've got two exciting things this weekend so give us a minute and we'll tell you all about it!

First up is Too Cute To Puke on Friday where we'll play all girl pop tunes together with Ylwa Skywalker. We'll stick in a extra few Bikini Kill tracks to celebrate the news that in 2012, the year of their 25 year anniversary, they're setting up a label to re-release the Bikini Kill records, demos and side projects. We're really looking forward to that! Apart from that you'll hear girl fronted bands ranging from jealous girl-gangs to angsty indie gals.

Too Cute To Puke - Strictly Femme Fronted Music
Friday 20 July
Moriska Paviljongen - Bistron, Folkets Park, Malmö
22-03 | 60kr | 20 yrs (email us to get on the under-20 list)
Facebook group for those of you in Sweden
Facebook group for those of you in UK (Next one is on August 25th!)
Twitter @toocutetopuke

Then on Saturday we set up our gear at Tempo Bar & Kök and play some punk and pop tracks. Since we just finished re-reading Our Band Could be Your Life we decided to play a couple of tracks from each band featured in the book. Should be noisy and fun!

B'dum B'dum - Our Band Could be Your Life and Punk special
Saturday 21 July
Tempo Bar & Kök, Malmö
21:30-01 | Free

EDIT: Sorry, we had to cancel due to other commitments. We'll try and do this at another date.

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