6 Aug 2012

Too Cute To Puke #16 - And I'm just about, just about, just about, to lose my mind

Baby won't you listen to me
Boy take a good look at these tears of mine
Baby, baby these tears I can't hold inside
Losin' you would end my life you see
Because you mean that much to me
You could've told me yourself
That you love somebody else

Instead I heard it through the grapevine

I got news for you, fellas: Get real. I am going to erase you. Just like a drawing.

This Saturday at Too Cute To Puke you'll be hearing high school girl out for revenge, art school drop-outs skint after spending their last penny on birth control and beer, and angsty librarians with... books. Yes. Books. 

Ylwa Skywalker will once again be joining us behind the decks as a power outage cut her set short last time. Also, because she's a great at DJ-ing and at blowing up balloons.

Too Cute To Puke - All Girl Pop Records
Saturday 11 August
Moriska Paviljongen - Bistron, Folkets Park, Malmö
22-03 | 60kr | 20 yrs (email us to get on the under-20 list)
Facebook group for those of you in Sweden
Facebook group for those of you in UK (Next one is on August 25th!)
Twitter @toocutetopuke

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