22 Apr 2013

Look Heart, No Hands! ♥ Too Cute To Puke

We're thrilled to be playing Look Heart, No Hands! this Saturday. Look Heart, No Hands! is run by three fab ladies who from nowhere got in touch about two years ago and wanted to learn how to DJ. We had a short introduction "play a good song, then play another and get the girls in the room to dance" and off they went and started their own club! So cool. Wish this happened more often actually.

Anyway this is their last night which can only mean that they're off to bigger things. We'll be doing an all girl-set so expect anything from the spanking new Camera Obscura track, which is amazing, to the Supremes via Bikini Kill.

Look Heart, No Hands! <3 Too Cute To Puke
Saturday 27th April
Smålands Nation, Malmö
22-02 | 18 yrs
See the Facebook event for info on student prices and cheap lists